MikeJ: Dump Cakes Week BONUS Day 7


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  1. Now, this is what I wanted. Something EASY!

  2. That looks disgusting…

  3. I used to make similar things as a kid late at night.
    It may “look bad” but there’s nothing in there that is bad, just marshmallows, chocolate and cookies/crackers.

    It also would allow you enjoy a smores without an open fire, though you don’t exactly get that roasted marshmallow flavor.

    I kinda miss camping.

    • AloneAmongstGods

      So basically sugar, sugar and sugar? I bet it’s freaking delicious, but it’s not exactly what I’d call healthy…

      I just realized that maybe you just meant to say that nothing in there actually “tastes” bad, in which case, please ignore me!

  4. Fukin’ ‘el! ‘ot!

    Mike, you just made me shoot sandwich out my nose. I was not prepared for your transformation into a cartoon cockney paper boy! 🙂

  5. Okay, we all need to get together to get Mike and his lovely wife some plane tickets to America where we can teach him to make REAL S’mores over a campfire as God intended.

  6. Nostalgic_Movie_Fan

    That doesn’t look too bad. At least you can eat it.

    Also, I was at the dollar store the other day and right next to the Dump Cakes book was a second book by that woman called Dump Dinners.

  7. Between s’mores and pumpkin pie, you’ve had the fortune of being one of few British people to experience some desserts I’m shocked to hear you don’t have in Europe. By the way, Amazon delivers food, and though I’m skeptical about ordering something like that to be shipped long distances, graham crackers are probably one such item I’d be ok with ordering if I didn’t live in a region where I could just walk into a store and get some. If you like s’mores that might be a good option, especially for the summer months when they’re more popular. Of course they’re also more of a campfire thing, but I’m assuming camping isn’t a foreign concept in the UK, and that way you can then get the authentic NA camping experience. It’s just a thought though.


    Yeah this was nice, I might try some of these later. awesome work all around too bad most of the times in the book were wrong, but you got it! Thanks for the 7 days of cake, much more enjoyable then the 7 days of dieting videos… those things always make me worry about you.

  9. SailorRustyBacon

    Well Mike, after a week of having a cake-a-day, perhaps you’ll have to try another fad diet for another 7-14 days again?

    … I know I have to :/ Back to green smoothies and veggie soups for me (for at least THREE MONTHS!)

  10. Id say that garibaldi`s are a british biscuit closer to graham crackers, made great smores with them

  11. Mike your inability to understand that black absorbs heat is always hilarious.

  12. That looks like an absolute nightmare to clean up after once that chocolate and marshmallow cools down.

  13. Mike, after this and the S’mores Maker episode I really want to see a video of you making a proper s’more. You set up the graham cracker (or digestive biscuit if that’s what you have over there) with the chocolate square on it. You toast the marshmallow over an open flame, then sandwich it between the chocolate and crackers. Microwaved s’mores just don’t have that crispy texture and smoky flavor.

  14. caffeinatedkate

    So basically, how to make a mess in a mug. Still, if you like marshmallows, it’s probably tasty.

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