MikeJ: Dump Cakes Week Day 5

What exactly makes this banana cake the best?

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  1. I think that this will be the winner.

  2. This sounds more like a Cake Doctor recipe – where you take a mix and doctor it up to be something different/not taste like a mix.

  3. Again, does Cathy call this a dump cake? No. THEN QUIT YOUR BITCHING. The joke falls flatter each time use it.

    • It isn’t a joke, really.

    • Also, it is in a book called ‘Dump Cakes’. really it seems like rather a con

      • I don’t want to play devil’s advocate, but the book’s title is “Dump Cakes… And More”. Mike deliberately chose recipes from the “and more” category and complained they weren’t dump cake recipes. Maybe there are more regular pie and cake recipes than dump cake recipes, and Cathy should have titled the book Pie & Cake Recipes… And A Few Dump Cake Recipes, Too! Complain that you want more dump cake concoctions, but don’t pick up a salt shaker and complain that it isn’t sugar.

        Mic drop.

        • *picks mic back up*

          He stated right in the beginning that there are only TWO recipes in the whole thing that qualify as “dump cakes”, so he didn’t really have much to pick from. This isn’t him picking and choosing, this is him improvising and complaining you can’t even find enough recipes that befit the book’s friggin title to fill a week with them.

          *drops mic again*

      • Actually its in a book called “Dump cakes and more”….

  4. Mike’s ultimate weight loss success story. Eat cake every day.

  5. Loved your last Dump Cake,Pumpkin, Too American, That’s funny. I totally get it. We say that in Japan, “This is very American” Also I hear that when I go to America That is to Japanese for me, usually involves fish. :o)

  6. Love your videos, Mike but even though I tried resisting the urge to be like those “pest” commenters, I just gotta say this: Why do you always need a knife to crack eggs? Can’t you just crack them against the sharper edge of the counter “like everyone else”? Sorry, had to finally say it.

  7. am I the only one that found it strange that they were both surprised by the speckles in the cake? anything that uses real banana and not just banana flavoring should look like that. maybe I’m just spoiled because my mother would make banana bread for me all the time growing up. the more over ripe you bananas are the moister the cake/bread was so any time we had some go black she’d make some bread so as not to throw them out.

    • I was surprised, too, since he said he likes banana bread and that looked exactly how I’d expect a cake with banana in it to look. Growing up we always tossed slightly overripe bananas into the freezer and when we got enough we’d make a ton of banana bread. I have continued the habit and have several blackened bananas in my freezer now. This cake might be fun to try out.

  8. Wow, your wife really likes that cake. 🙂

    BTW, there’s a significant difference between baking soda and baking powder. Hope you didn’t mix the two up when making the cake.

    • also that looked like much more the a tsp, are you sure it wasn’t a tbsp?

      • Indeed. And what was that you were using to measure your Tsp? You know that stands for Teaspoon right? that looked like a a lot more than 1 Tsp…

        • The recipe reads “1 teaspoon baking soda”. Most likely they wrote out the “teaspoon” bit so nobody could get confused by the abbreviation. That being said, it did look like WAY more than a teaspoon; it looked like maybe even three or four teaspoons… At least it didn’t seem to affect how the end result tasted if it was indeed more than recommended.

  9. Moviemantweeter1999

    Guess your wife thinks this is the best banana cake she ever had but you probably think its in the top five of best banana cakes youve ever eaten. I hope you don’t have to taste a really be one tommorow!!!

  10. I thought the whole purpose of the Dump Cake thing was that it was supposed to be easy. Yet, you have done way more work with these things than I would ever be willing to do for stuff like this.

  11. Banana bread and cake always gets those brown speckles. Not sure why it surprised them.

  12. That’s not a cake. That’s a giant muffin.

  13. the speckles would be the seeds (or the things that will eventually grow into seeds if left in the wild anyway), surely? you know, those same speckles you get in the centres of bananas when you eat them?

  14. Best answer ever from the cook when you ask what are the black bits is always “I really don’t know, I think that’s weird”. It’s something especially want to hear after you eat the cake.

  15. Look at the paper wasted by this book. Each recipe is just a few lines long and yet a whole page is used for each one. Not only did se havenot enough dump cake recipes for a cook book, she didn’t have enough recipes *period*.

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