MikeJ: Grace tries Pickle Lettuce

Mike didn’t like the food from the Bag of Crap… so Grace has a go!

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  1. LOL, you’re so mean to your wife… Although, that kinda backfired for you at times, Mike.

  2. You got a can of Wang Lao Ji 王老吉? That stuff is delicious and hugely popular in China.

  3. SwedishMovieNerd523

    Apparently to drink is called Jiaduobao te, and it’s from China (I just googled “China” and “soda”, took a look at the images and finally found one with the products name in the name of a picture).

  4. God, every time I hear that closing theme, I think, “McDonalds is a place to rock!”

  5. She was willing to try that stuff for him. Their marriage is going to last forever.

  6. Ah, so that’s your wife’s name. I’ve only heard you refer to her as ‘the wife’ before. At lest she didn’t mind the first stuff, so I guess that didn’t go to waste.

    I guess your bag of crap was really what it said on the package.

  7. Pickled lettuce sounds nice; pickled cabbage is lovely after all.

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