MikeJ: Infomercialism – Apple Slicer

First we had the banana slicer, now we have the apple slicer! But how does it compare to it’s long and yellow counterpart?

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  1. Apple slicers have been around for over a decade, without the apple shaped plastic around it.

    • I remember having one in my house over twenty years ago.

      Guess they’re just now coming to the UK.

    • They’ve been around for decades; its not even remotely a new product, aside from maybe using a plastic, apple-shaped handle instead of just being a metal ring with dividers.

      The fact that it cores the apple as well as slicing it is one of the main reasons why its useful.

  2. Okay. I think that I need this.

    • thespecialneedsgroup

      They’re not uncommon. There’s a decent chance that you can find one in your neighborhood supermarket. My grandmother has a couple; I think she uses them to make pie.

  3. UnknownVariable

    Not so useless when you literally cannot eat whole apples without gagging.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I will agree with you that the apple slicer works better on bananas then that other banana product ever could do. But is your finger ok it seemingly doesn’t have blood trickling down it so is it good or am I just overacting?

  5. I usually think any tool that could be replaced with a knife should be. Expect for an apple slicer. Getting apple wedges with a knife sucks and having one of these in a drawer is fantastic.

  6. I have one almost just like that and it’s one of the few kitchen gadgets I’ve bothered with in my tiny kitchen. apple slices is one of my favorite snacks particularly if I have caramel, PB or nutela to dip it in. when I go to potlucks or gatherings I tend to make apple dip and need to slice a lot of apples so I could be without one. (apple dip looks fancy but isn’t. 1 tea spoon of cinnamon in a softened block of cream cheese spread out thin with caramel on top and the sprinkled with broken up candy bar on top, Crucnhie, butter finger, scorr, heath bar or any kind of crispy toffy bar works good but mini chocolate chips or chopped nuts work as well. put a ring of apple wedges around the dip to make it pretty just make sure you use lemon juice or fruit fresh to keep the apple from grown brown.)

  7. My roommate in college had a apple slicer, (not like that but a blue circular one) and as someone who sucks at cutting apples evenly, I loved using that thing to slice up apples for snacks. Now that I am living on my own. I have been meaning to buy one of these things again. Those things do work nicely give or take a few flaws

  8. Sure it works on apples, bananas and pears, probably, but how does it work on cheese?

  9. We have one – with handles, not an apple shape – at work. It’s awesome. Perfect apple slices, no need to remove the seeds, just a quick rinse and it’s good to go.

  10. TragicGuineaPig

    Alton Brown recommends the kind that do 12 slices instead of 8.

  11. Mike, apple slicers have existed as a tool for decades. The one I own is the same one my mom owned when she was pregnant with my older brother. It’s not some needless infomercial gizmo, it’s just a thing that exists that people use. It’s like calling a juicer an unnecessary tool because you can just squeeze oranges with your hands.

  12. You’ve never used an apple slicer before, Mike? Seriously??
    I have my grandmother’s old slicer, so it must have been around since before the 60s, at least…
    Also great for cutting potatoes to make homemade fries, by the way!

  13. Congrats, Mike, on reaching your Fantastic Storytelling goal!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Yeah now the game can come to America. Guess it made it cause of Doug mentioning it in his Jupiter ascending review(or it was another one I’m not to sure).

  14. Had these in my high school cooking class, had no idea what it was for until we make apple crisp (it was just metal, no apple shape around it), and it simply amazed me how easy it made the job be

  15. Next, he should review the rolling pin, the cheese grater, and the pasta strainer.

    Sorry, I have to have fun at MikeJ’s expense here. I grew up with an apple slicer, and it never occurred to me anyone in a developed country could not know what an apple slicer is. On the other hand, I grew up in Johny Appleseed country, so perhaps we take our apples a little more seriously.

  16. I had an apple slicer that was just round with plastic handles. HAD as after a few years of service it broke D: One of the blades disconnected from the center one

  17. Had one of these doodads back in the sixties. Have one in my drawer now. Apple wedges!

  18. I hate to say this, but we have also a Fackelmann melon slicer here in Germany. It’s big enough for water melons.

  19. The apple slicer is a must-have for people who make apple pies, apple crisps, or anything that requires a lot of sliced apples. It saves so much time and effort. Now you’re making me wish I knew what happened to mine…

  20. My family has always had one of these and I love it. While it does have blades, it’s still safer and easier for kids to use (especially kids who are afraid of knives like my sisters), and it obviously gets the job done a lot faster and nicer. The one issue I have with it is that I always do end up using a knife afterwards for some cleanup, because I find there’s always still just a bit of that harder, drier, core material on the insides of the slices. That might not bother most people but I’m pretty picky about my fruit so that does get to me and I have to do something about it, but it only takes a moment to slice a bit off of each slice to clean that off and in the end it’s still gone far faster than if I’d just used a knife.

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