MikeJ: Northern Breakfast!?

I recently stayed at a hotel by a Toby Carvery in Yorkshire, and their breakfast offering was rather… unique.

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  1. OK, Yes that does look like something you would eat if you are hungover at 3AM,
    but what is the pudding? It looks like bread.

    • Yorkshire pudding is an egg, milk, and flour dish served as a side with roast beef. It is baked quickly in the beef drippings from the roast, like a soufe. I usually only have it once a year with our Christmas prime rib dinner. However, this pudding is really odd – not only in it being served as a breakfast, but in the fact that it seems very crunchy, like it is dried out. Doesn’t seem very good at all.

  2. This looks like it’s distantly related to the Biscuits and Gravy served in the Southern United States.

  3. See, this is why I eat cereal for breakfast if I travel. I can trust cereal.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      When I’ve ate breakfast I’ve been avoiding it like the plague(I don’t know why specifically but I think so because it gets soggy and I didn’t want it to get soggy). So starting tommorow I’m gonna start eating cereal for breakfast(thanks for making me realize that I can trus cereal:)

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Too bad your sick(hope you feel better)!! Man that looked delicious but weird on the cover but until I read the title on the video now it’s gross!!

  5. Unless it was all ill prepared and tasted terrible, what is your problem? Your wife is eating bloody Marmite on toast! The typical fry-up includes a serving of Heinz beans. For BREAKFAST! Here in the states, we enjoy biscuits (the admittedly misnamed unsweetened scones) with a white gravy that has bits of sausage in it for breakfast. I’m wishing I had a Yorkshire pud to go with my dinner. And maybe even one with clotted cream and jam for brekky. With coffee, though. Sod that disgusting tea. (Got any Black pud….?)

  6. Hello, I’m an American person. And have I got a new way to package that whole pile of stuff into a new product! It’ll probably be selling at McDonalds or KFC any minute now that I thought of it! Take the Yorkshire Pudding (which already looks like a taco shell bowl as it is), scoop the potatoes into it. Sprinkle with crumbled crispy bacon (or sausage) and top with the onion gravy. That way it’ll be easier to eat as well as take up less plate space so you could lose track and fill up your plate and make Americans look svelte by comparison! It just might work! Muahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

  7. And meanwhile, we are officially in a dystopian future where one of the selling points of a buffet is “All you can eat gravy”.

  8. The odd thing is that, despite it being called a “Northern” breakfast, it’s available in Toby Carvery’s all over the country – recently have this breakfast in Southampton.. literally the most Southern place you can go in England without falling into the sea (except the Isle of wight smart arse :D).

    And as to the person who stated that Yorkshire Pudding may be related to Biscuits and Gravy… that may be correct. Yorkshire Pudding certainly dates before the United States existed (not just the one Mike J ate). Oddly enough though the work “biscuits” in England refers to cookies. When I was 4/6 I always thought it was disgusting that people could eat biscuits (cookies) with gravy. 😛

  9. That’s fascinating. One thing I wish we had in NA is carvaries. I guess there’s meals at a golf course which can be kind of like that, but they’re expensive. By the sound of things though, maybe carvaries are better during lunch and dinner time. I didn’t know there were carvary chains, but given that they’re big in the UK it doesn’t surprise me that a chain or two popped up.

  10. Maybe it would’ve been better with beef gravy instead of onion gravy.

    • As someone who cannot stand onions in any way shape or form it gets really annoying how they seem to be added to literally everything these days {I even found CHicago Town had gone and put Onion Powder on their Ham and Pineapple Pizzas – Lord that was awful!}.

      I’d salivate at that breakfast if the gravy was standard Gravy but Onion Gravy = Not a chance!

      • I can handle onion dip and that’s about it.

        But yeah – that sounds a lot like me and bacon. I’m actually allergic to pork – yes, that’s possible – and it seems like bacon is everywhere it should not be. Including in chocolate, on donuts, and even in ice cream. Blech.

      • there’s a Chicago Town?
        weirder, ham and pineapple pizza with onion, yuck. way to ruin pizza.

  11. Not the worst breakfast buffet idea I’ve ever seen…

  12. Clearly not a continental breakfast.

  13. I rarely like ANY breakfast food so I have no valuable comment to offer.

  14. I’m hungry now, and I want to go to Yorkshire all of the sudden.

  15. the only good breakfast meal is “braised pork sandwiches” with onion sauce and sweet potato fried slices. that’s what the gods eat

  16. Yorkshire puddings are one of the most delicious things in the universe so I would not be complaining, mmmmm.

  17. Toby Carvery looks like some British version of Dennys. Here’s me being a dumb American… what is Yorkshire pudding? to me, as an American, pudding is a liquidy type thing, like jello or tapioca or mousse or something. it’s a not-quite-solid, not-quite-liquid non-newtonian fluid thing, that is soft and sweet and a little soupy…I guess the texture of yogurt. What I saw in the video looked like some kind of biscuit…or whatever biscuits are called in British…rolls?

    also, what is Marmite? I was under the impression that was some kind of Australian jam?

  18. Yorkshire Pudding is essentially batter baked in the oven (and yes, it was originally designed so you could use it as a bowl to keep the meat – usually beef – inside it).

    Marmite is a by product of the brewing process that somebody decided to turn into a spread. It’s highly divisive (indeed, its advertised as “You either love it or you hate it”) and is a relatively common term for any divisive product, eg “Big Brother: it’s a bit Marmite” (when referring to the TV programme, not the George Orwell character, who’s probably less so).

  19. It’s like a weird, fucked up version of the southern American breakfast dish, biscuits and gravy, which is simply buttery, flaky biscuits (not cookies, more like dinner rolls I guess but not really) covered in a creamy country gravy with sausage it in it. It’s fucking delicious and I really, really want some now. O_O;

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