MikeJ: Responding to YouTube Comments

Some people certainly have a lot to say, and the YouTube comments section is no different! Let’s take a look at some of the interesting stuff people say and how they can be responded to.

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  1. Btw, I love your infomercialism stuff mike, keep up the good work.

    You should do a video where you use as many infomercial products as you can to show how much “easier” it makes your life.

  2. I’m so sorry for all these assholes we love you Mike

  3. LoL! Awesome vid. Now to do a video addressing some of the comments here. 🙂 Or, do you even read the comments here?

    • Well…I saw the one about “don’t you know how to cook? Should be beef with eggs/bread” and the rebuttal about “not making a meatloaf” here on Channel Awesome.

      • You don’t use breadcrumbs in meatloaf anyway. You use oatmeal.

        But yeah, you do not just grab a wad of meat to make burgers. You put the meat into a bowl then you add an egg or two depending on how much meat you have, then a squirt of ketchup, a squirt of mustard, some worcheshire sauce, some garlic salt, and a half a pack of dry onion soup mix. (Some use dry ranch dressing mix as well.) Then dig your hands in and kneed it all together. The eggs help hold the meat together. The rest give it flavor. Otherwise you get some really bland, tasteless meat.

        • Or you could just use quality meat with salt and pepper. Good meat shouldn’t be bland when treated with at least a touch of salt to bring out the best in it. Adding all that other stuff sounds pretty much like making a meatloaf without the filler (bread crumb, oatmeal, etc). I’d be happy enough to say that there are hundreds of ‘burger’ recipes and leave it at that. Some are fancy, some are just meat.

        • Don’t you think it’s a matter of taste how to cook a burger? Never tasted one but I would assume it has more than two ingredients in it, so I don’t think he was trying to make a proper burger. His result didn’t look tasty at all.

          • Do you add egg or ketchup to a Chuck roast or a Sirloin if not then why add it to GROUND Chuck or Sirloin. All a burger needs if you have quality meat is Salt and Pepper. That said you can make more fancy burgers if you want, but it is not required to make a burger.

        • Really depends on whose recipe you’re using. You can put pretty much anything into meatloaf as long as you’ve got ground meat mixed with stuff and made into a loaf. Bread crumbs, oatmeal, and other grains are popular, but it’s not particularly right or wrong to use one over another.

  4. Yay more videos from Mike 😀
    By the way, I love the way you pronounce banana 🙂
    By the way by the way (or is that by by the way? or perhaps by the way way? Anyways I’m going off track here) Someone should edit into one clip all the time you pronounce banana through out your videos.

    Ok I’m gonna stop now before I figure out something else to say.

  5. You made me buy a Vegetti, and it has become my favourite thing ever.

  6. Since when was that the ‘wrong way’ to peel a banana? And why?

    Grawj? Really? Where is that guy from? It’s gah-rawj around here. Your way is just fine.

  7. Please do more of these MikeJ. I had to close the door to my office (I’m a manager at my workplace) to prevent my coworkers from seeing me laugh so damn hard!

  8. The fuck are these people peeling bananas from the other end for? That’s the “wrong” way as far as i’m concerned.

    • Sniffing permanent markers and peeling bananas doesn’t go well together.

    • Well, according to my Nigerian roommate who peels from the other end, you get a convenient handle for hold the thing and don’t have to worry about that inedible bit at the end.

      According to me, I prefer having some leverage to open the darn thing, and holding it from the end is just as easy, if not more so, than using the “handy handle”.

      • This is the second comment about an inedible bit at the end of the banana. I open them from the “top” every time, and have never had a problem eating the end piece. I can’t even tell what people are talking about.

  9. I have that same t-shirt! Book of Mormon is the best.

  10. lol. Grawj. Obviously that commentor is an American who is unfamiliar with the vast majority of British media and British people who pronounce is gair-raj.

    • I’m American, and I’ve never heard it pronounced grawj. The way we say it (at least in the area where I live) is similar to the British pronunciation but with the accent on the second syllable instead of the first. Gah-RAHJ

      • Whelp, in Tejas, it’s Grawj. Where you from?

        • The difference between American dialects is a bit of a hobby of mine because people are always saying I’ve got a decidedly Texas accent when I’m outside of Texas, but when I’m in Texas I have far less of an accent compared to the people around me. It’s probably because of my Southern Californian mother’s influence.

  11. Funny video, however I’m not Happy, You should not have had to do this Mike J. Some people on the internet are just nuts. lol

  12. loved this!!!! you are doing such a great job!!!!

  13. feel free on not posting my comment in a youtube video and making me famous. With that said. Who care how you peel a banana as long as it is peel. It kind of like the people that bug you about what fork to use for your salads. Its a freaking Fork let me eat

  14. You should also cook the burger in the grawrje. Don’t you know anything about science…er, cooking?

  15. I always like to see things like this.

  16. WHOO! Hilarious ending. 😉 I so wouldn’t mind you doing another of these some time. If the zingers are pouring out of your ears, let them out!

  17. HAHA! Hey! Respond to channel awesome comments Mike! Also, haven’t you said willy before… in your Tremors… 2 (or was it 3?) review?

  18. lol That was hilARious! Commenters say some pretty dumb things some times…. and sometimes pretty legit things that are still worth mocking. Glad you have a sense of humor about it all.

  19. This was funny, but, seriously, Mike, you gotta try the burger stuffs one with chili and or bacon inside the burger. It’s fantastic, and you’re truly missing out on something American – a coronary…. but you’ll die with a smile on your face!

    Also, while I do love a straight up plain juicy burger without any seasoning, just a smidge of meatloaf mixings do add some tasty flavor if you want to go wild 😀

    Seriously, man, I feel like paying your travel fees to come out to a BBQ stuffed burger cookout in the states sometime. It’ll BLOW YOUR MIND! and your heart…. but mostly YOUR MIND!

    • Hmm, Bacon INSIDE the burger. I should try this. Maybe I can cram the pickles in there too so they stop falling out from the sides.

      • If you try cooking bacon within the burger I suggest you partially cook it before inserting it into the burger meat. They add bacon to their burgers at a local restaurant here and they insert it cold. When done like that the bacon doesn’t cook as fast and ends up being underdone every time.
        Totally not worth it in this case.

    • Why not… ground up bacon mixed with the burger? That way you get the bacon flavor all the way through instead of just in one glob in the middle. As for the other suggested fixings… Well, try anything once, eh?

  20. Hearing Mike’s version of the American “garage” made me so happy.

  21. keep it up Mike, haters gonna hate so fuck them silly

  22. How to respond to YouTube comments.


  23. You need a monkey sous-chef to peel the banana for you. It’s the only way.

  24. Well, this video was very nice. You all (you ‘uploader’ whatever you are called) should do this once in a while, eventhough the commenters will strike back, your responses will be heard.
    So much for the serious stuff, here is WHAT YOU SHOULD DO:
    For god’s sake, who still eats bananas. I mean, come on. it is like 2015. No one should eat bananas. Why do you still do it? Can’t believe that you are doing all these thing. I mean I haven’t seen any video, except this one, but what have you done for ME lately? You really think that ‘NEW’ R2 droid looks awesome? With the ball thing underneath? Are you high? And this Banana stuff… still can’t get over it. Uuuhm.. also, english isn’t my language. Why do you STILL insist on speaking that? I may understand it, but some of my friends don’t. What do you say to that? And would you grow a beard? I mean, seriously why not? LOL 🙂 🙁 /)) ROFL WTF

  25. oh my god
    at first im not sure whether to approve of arguing back at youtube commenters (of all things) but by the end im LOLing like the person who wrote “willy”

    • I think he chose the most innocuous comments to joke about. I disapprove of trying to argue back against some of the nasty comments, because that’s just stooping to their level. Here he’s gently teasing some of the more silly “genuine criticism” comments. These people were trying to be helpful, but entirely missed the mark.

  26. I love the sharp whit you have mike. It’s great and keep up with the videos, trolling will always happen, some people just feel the need to attack other people to get some joy in there lives.

    I hope a troll has a rant at me sometime, so I can help give mean to a sad life.

  27. I was the first to say you were using the banana slicer up-side-down. What the hell? I don’t even get credit for that?

  28. Okay, when I watched the banana slicer video, I just assumed the edges were flat on the other side.

  29. Ponies. Ponies. Pon… Oh, sorry. Wrong reviewer.

    Actually, if those are the stupidest YouTube comments you got, you’ve been unbelievably lucky. The reason that so many wrote that you’re opening a banana from the wrong side is that so many YouTube commenters _are_ monkeys.

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