MikeJ: U.S. Cereal – Apple Jacks

Who’s bright idea was it to combine apple and cinnamon and make a breakfast cereal??

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  1. RedMilleniumRanger

    Good. If you had said you don’t like Apple Jacks, you would’ve needed to look into getting surgery to fix your taste buds.

    Also, try Krave cereal. It it the greatest thing I’ve ever put into my mouth.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Suprised people MikeJ said it wasn’t that bad. Given how much he hates apples I’d would have expected him to hate it but guess the pineapple taste overtook the cinnamon taste. Anyway next mike you should do cinnamon toast crunch and frosted flakes but must warn you they have a lot of salt on it but it’ll all be worth it.

  3. I don’t like any cinnamon products except for Apple Jacks. Haven’t had it in years but I quite enjoyed it as a kid. I don’t it ever actually had an apple flavor except the occasion special promotion, even the commercials depicted the apple character never making it to the bowl of Apple Jacks.

  4. I understand a dislike of cinnamon, but I’m surprised you don’t u derstand it use in cereal. It’s a common breakfast flavor, springs on iatmean, frenchtoast, cinnamon rolls… out of any flavor that would naturally fit in cereal, it’s the obvious one. That and honey.

  5. Mike, you should probably check out some of the commercials for Apple Jacks. They don’t taste like apple at all.

  6. Honestly Mike, after seeing you do this I’d like to see what kind of cereal you people in England have been eating. The idea of having fruit/fruit flavor in cereal is really common in the U.S.A, so I’m curious to see what flavors you all have as alternatives. Or hell, does Scotland and Wales have their own weird cereals that the English don’t eat or think are weird? I’d watch you eat something like that.

  7. Loved this series Mike! Next we need to get you some Captain Crunch! lol

    • This. With and without crunchberries.

      Also if you like Lucky Charms you would probably like Count Chocula. Maybe Frankenberry and Booberry but those are technically fruit flavored.

  8. hmmm, might wanna change that shirt mike.. 5 days and still wearing it or maybe you’re just recording all the cereals in one sitting… Lies, all lies!!

  9. Someone make burrito cereal. STAT.

  10. Actually the ads for this cereal used to consist of adults asking children why they eat it when it doesn’t taste anything like Apples. I’m not joking.

  11. I was just waiting for him to say, “It doesn’t even taste like apples.”

  12. I love this cereal. Too bad it’s not really common anymore. If I had my way limited edition cereal would be abolished and all popular cereals would be available year round. Fruit and cinnamon are not cereal flavours people find objectionable in NA, but yeah Apple Jacks don’t really taste like apples. Another favourite cereal of mine is Cinnamon Toast Crunch but that is heavy on cinnamon and sugar. At least that one is commonly available. If you want to try an oddity there is a cereal around here called French Toast Crunch. I can’t actually remember what that one tastes like since it has been so many years for me but I do remember enjoying it, though that may be because I was extra intrigued by the oddity of it.

  13. There’s a Hello Kitty cereal in Japan that’s Frosties brand with dried strawberries. It is really good. There’s nothing else so unique that I can think of as in Japan cereal isn’t so popular and is usually double the price and half the size of the UK. (I even miss Shredded wheat.)

  14. I love Apple Jacks. I’m glad you enjoyed them. 🙂 I like all the cereals that you reviewed except for Reese Pieces and Trix.

  15. Lucky Charms was your favourite? They just taste like sugar.

  16. Of course there is no apple. Haven’t you seen the commercials? “Why do kids like Applejacks when it doesn’t taste like apple?”

  17. What is his problem with fruits and cereals ?
    Did a relative choked on a piece of fruit while eating their cereals, so he swore an eternal pledge of hate and disgust VS fruits specifically in cereals ?

  18. For DECADES the advertising centered on this cereal was that it DIDN’T taste like apples, then just a couple years ago they flipped it around and started focusing on the apple taste…not that the flavor of the cereal actually changed, its mostly the cinnamin that comes through while the apple flavor is much more subtle.

  19. Well, it’s October, see if you can get the Halloween-themed ones – Count Chocula, Frankenberry, etc. Some of those are hard to find the rest of the year in the US, no idea about the UK…

  20. Yeah, back in the 90s, the gimmick they had in the commercials was how the cereal didn’t taste like apples.

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