MikeJ: U.S. Cereal – Lucky Charms

Mike wraps his taste buds around some U.S. cereal sent in by some kind viewers – but how will his poor British tongue cope with these new flavours?

Up first are Lucky Charms! NOM.

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  1. They’re freeze dried marshmallow cereal toppers…or some such thing. As a kid it annoyed me that the cereal was even there when it tasted so bland compared to the marshmallows.

  2. Lucky Charms haven’t been the same since the movie Leprechaun, and the epic line delivered by the kid shooting the four leaf clover down the Leprechaun’s throat.

  3. You’re in for a good week as far as breakfast goes, Americans may not be able to do chocolate but they can bloody well do breakfast cereal.
    You can get it in the UK, if you know where to go and I absolutely love the American cereals I’ve tried, especially Apple Jacks and genuine Fruit Loops (do NOT try the European version that they started selling a couple of years ago) both of which, I think I can see in your pile.

  4. Wow really? England doesn’t have those?

    Reese’s Cereal I can understand.

    But, Luck Charms, AppleJacks, FRUIT LOOPS!?!?

    How can you not have those? Those are like the basics of the basics.

    Seriously, you don’t have FRUIT LOOPS!?!?!?

    Shit, I grew up on Fruit Loops…….

    • Yeah, when I was a kid Fruit Loops were just that cool-looking cereal you sometimes saw in American films. I didn’t even find out what they were called for years and didn’t get to try any until my late-twenties when I found a website selling American foodstuffs.
      Then, a couple of years ago, they started selling an EU-regulation-conforming version in British supermarkets, practically all the colouring and flavouring has been removed and they are disgusting.

    • Well it is banned in most other country other then the US so that could be why.

  5. The best one is missing. Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

  6. A good ‘ole bowl of sugar. Damn straight!

  7. No Cap’n Crunch? For shame.

    That was always my fave when I was a kid.

    • We don’t want him to cut his mouth open.

    • He needs to have a 7-day Cap’n Crunch week. There have been many varieties over the years, but he should do:

      1) Cap’n Crunch (original)
      2) Crunch Berries – although I don’t want to bias Mike’s decision, these are clearly the best variety of Cap’n Crunch. If you disagree, you’re simply wrong. And insane. I will fight you on this.
      3) Peanut Butter Crunch
      4) OOPS! All Berries
      5) Chocolatey Crunch
      6) Cinnamon Roll Crunch
      7) Caramel Popcorn Crunch – apparently this is new, I haven’t tried it yet. Sounds good to me!

  8. I think I am rather boring when it comes to breakfast cereals because my two favorites are Wheaties and shredded wheat, which I am guessing Britain has in some form. I hated Lucky Charms as a kid.

    Also I am looking forward to what you think about our cereal. My personal guess is that you will find many of them too sweet, as I understand the American pallet is sweeter than most.

  9. Thank you for your work. Your efforts help me get through the day! Lucky charms are very nice and sugary. Not sure if you were just playing around about the fiber pieces being in the shape of a fish..hehehe…If you take a moment to ponder the ‘Lore” of the cereal and also by the name…Those shapes are supposed to be horse shoes… I know it takes some stretch of imagination to see that. Also too bad whoever sent ya those cereals didn’t send you the NEW Fruit Loops W/marshmallows!!! Those rock!! Once again thank you for your work, may you and your family be blessed and have a good day sir!

  10. I am an American, I live in the states, but I have visited the UK, and I enjoy a good English fry-up. Except the damned beans. I’d rather have more black pudding instead. And coffee, please. Sod the tea. (I also know what “bollocks” means.)

    • Ah…6 Sausages, 2 Rashers of Bacon, 2 Fried Eggs, 2 slices of Black Pudding with half a can of Heinz Baked Beans and 2 slices of Fried Bread.

      btw a Bacon, Sausage, Fried Egg and Baked Beans double decker sandwich with a Fried Slice used as the middle is a taste sensation

  11. No Count Chocula?

    Someone send that poor boy some Count Chocula!

  12. Mike…You really need to add more milk to your cereal!

    You should be able to drown every last piece of cereal and have a nice bowl of sugary milk to drink afterwards.

    My favourite cereal personally has to be Shreddies but unfortunately the cost is hugely prohibitive when you put an entire pint of milk in the bowl and get through a whole box of cereal in 2-3 days of breakfasts.
    Hot Buttered Toast is just so much cheaper. {And goes better with a nice cuppa. Seriously, the Cereal taste kills a cuppa.}.

  13. Of course you don’t have that cereal. Everyone knows the only thing Brits eat for breakfast is porridge, and nothing else.

    Just kidding. Actually, all those cereals can be bought in Canada as well. I guess we don’t have the strict regulations you Europeans do when it comes to cereal and other foods.

    Really, you don’t have Reese Puffs in the UK? My god, you’re practically living in a third world nation!

  14. We don’t have them because the chemicals they contain can’t be marketed to children here. They’re not very healthy

  15. Lucky Charms often do odd variations for a limited time, usually consisting of different coloured versions of one of the marshmallows in addition to its regular colour. I can’t believe you don’t have that cereal in the UK. At least you have Frosted Flakes, which you call Frosties over there.

  16. The diabeetus- oh god- the diabeetus!

  17. And that was the day MikeJ’s face melted off

  18. Hate to break it to you Mike, but you can get most of those in any decently sized Tescos and I have seen them in some Asdas as well.

  19. You have to eat Smacks!! It’s the best!!

  20. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Dang it suck the cereals you don’t have in britian. I think I’ll have to bring my own cereals from America when I come there. If I run out then oh well!!!!!

  21. I didn’t know that the UK didn’t get certain cereal that we have in America. O.O This set of videos is going to be very interesting.

  22. Five Diamonds? What happened to the Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes, clovers and Blue Moons, Pots of Gold, and Rainbows, and the Red Balloons?

    The fact that I could rattle that off from memory showed their commercials worked all to well.

    Never did actually buy the stuff though, so maybe not.

  23. Tesco still sell Lucky Charms, but they hide them in the American part of the World Foods section and charge a fiver for them.

  24. Aw, you started this too late. You missed out on Oreo Os or, as Jay Leno named them, “Fat Kid Chow”.

    Seriously, all of the cereals we come out with that I like they discontinue. 🙁

  25. “‘This is cereal [Americans] have every day.” Personally, I’m more of a Chex and Crispex kind of guy (or the generic brand that I can get either at Giant or Aldi (grocery store chains)).

  26. I’m sorry that you don’t really have tea-flavored cereal, because I would eat the hell out of that.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Are we weird? I mean, it’d have to be sweetened tea, obviously, but I love iced tea with lots of sweetener and milk soooooo…

  27. Do you guys get the Halloween cereals over there? You know, Boo Berry, Frankenberry, and Count Chocula? The berry ones are like Lucky Charms but with a specific flavor, and even the marshmallows are flavored. I love Lucky Charms, it’s easily one of my most favorite cereals, but I much prefer the fruity marshmallows in Boo Berry and Frankenberry. (Side note: I just wrote “marshmalloweens” before I corrected it. I think Homestar Runner is inside my brain or something.)

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