MikeJ: Vegetable Sharpener?!

Have you ever felt the need to sharpen a carrot? Well, now you can!

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  1. Vegetarian Vampires don’t like steaks, so you have to kill them with a sharpened carrot through the heart instead.

  2. Wow,not even the tiddy bear had you sniggering like this.

  3. I MIGHT use this as a peeler. But besides that… wow. I can’t even. 😀

  4. Maybe you could get a comedy over-sized pencil?

  5. To the makers of Vegetable Sharpener, I’m sorry but I do not have a pressing need to sharpen my vegetables. And, for your think tank department in case they get any more ideas for useless inventions that serve no need of humanity whatsoever, I’m also not interested in any Ice Cream Washers, Can-Openers for Paper Towel Rolls, or Tongue Shaving Kits you might develop.

  6. This makes the vegetti look very good in comparison.

  7. This seems like the Chekov’s Gun of a really bad murder mystery. “He was stabbed to death… with a sharpened carrot!”

  8. You know, the carrot shavings are useful for stir-fried noodles.

  9. Prison shiv in just two easy steps?

  10. Pff. This product is a few decades late to the party. The Muppets have been doing this since before most of us here were even born (seriously, look up Muppets banana sharpener on YouTube… it’s good fun).

  11. Wha… I don’t… Wha… Bwuh…. What the bloody hell is this even a thing?!

  12. Well obviously this is for when you can no longer draw neat thin lines with your carrot. Then you need to sharpen it.

    Don’t you just hate it when the carrot goes blunt and you are incapable of drawing as thin lines as desirable with it?

    Or maybe you’re just one of those strange, eccentric people who don’t use carrots to write and/or draw.

  13. I could swear I saw Beaker and Benson come up with something like this in a sketch on the Muppet Show when I was a kid, and we all knew that was played for laughs. This take on it just goes to show why people are always making jokes with the First World Problems hashtag.

  14. “Oh crap! I accidentally bought 100,000 novelty giant pencil sharpeners on ebay!”

    (snaps fingers)

    “I’ve got it!, I’ll just buy 100,000 peeler blades. Get some glue, and start a business.”

  15. *appears in an alleyway*

    Stick your hands up! Now gimie your wallet!

    Don’t make me use this carrot! I sharpened it just for you!

  16. Stick your dick in it.

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