Miles Upshur: The Happy Mormon – Ep. 1

Suede’s doing something just a little bit different. What if the protagonist of OUTLAST was a little more… chipper?

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  1. Oh My Gosh Suede’s back and he’s singing church hymns! Yay! I’m so happy! Please find a way to do a cross over with the Nostalgia Critic. I think fans are over due for one of those.

  2. “stay on point”! REALLY?!?! Someone died suede!

    This was a great video and I’m glad to see you back.

  3. Moviemantweeter1999

    Glad to see your back and this game has some serious paranormal activity. When is part two coming out cause I really enjoyed this one? Anyway loved that you played shake it off in the end credits but that might get people to not comment.

  4. Haha this is actually a fantastic idea for a video game play through, you made it hilarious and I can’t wait to see more c:

  5. Oddworld Inhabitant

    Loved the video, but I have to say, what with the chipper demeanor, confusing chocking for friendly gestures, and concern for proper limb storage, this Miles sounds a bit like a Morman version of Kevin from Welcome to Night Vale. Not a criticism, just wondering if anyone else got the same vibe.

  6. It’s even funnier if you think about how whatever happened to the patients there to turn them into crazy rage zombie people also gave them an extreme case of ADHD seeing how quickly they lose interest in pursuing you if they can’t find you in a room after like 10 seconds of looking. (notably referring to the guy who attacked you at about the 29 minute mark.)

  7. Wow! Welcome back, Suede! Nice disclaimer at the beginning. It personifies all the things that I like about your stuff. Ooh, was that a remix at the end? If so, you forgot to add a link to it! Besides that, pretty good comeback video. 🙂

  8. I hate being one of “those guys” but, I gotta be brutally honest. (no intention of being mean)
    I get that you wanna do the “freemans mind” thing, and honestly this isn’t BAD-bad.
    it’s just,.. kinda underplayed & bland. it just feels like more could have been done on the personality & thought-dialog is all. I don’t want to compare this with the freemans mind show, but I will reference to it on this notion. study it. really read how the personality/reactions align & transit as they move along in exposition. this seems just “going through the motions & hope ya hit a funny” kind of thing. the personality doesn’t necessarily have to match the genre theme, but the demeanor has to sort of find relation somewhere. this feels a bit too disjointed. i don’t doubt this could get better along the way, it just might help if you immerse yourself into the character mentality rather than the other way around. that’s all I really figure.

  9. i know this is all for laughs and meant to be funny but, this is not the Happy Mormon. this is the Stupid Mormon. you just knock or buzz a couple of times and if no one answers then you leave and try again another time and i guy impaled you should help him not stand there and watch him die.

  10. I nearly died at “Oh look! They have a basketball court.”

  11. I didn’t know I wanted this, but now it’s obvious I NEEDED this. Glad to see you back Suede!

  12. I was hooked from the very beginning when you started singing “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today”. Hilarious job, Suede. Good to have you back. Can’t wait for episode 2.

  13. Very, very cute. I love your videos, Suede! :))

  14. That was just adorable. Especially him chasing after people with questions.

    People ask about Pokemon reviews or animania….. But, surprisingly, I really wanna know how the Higurashi series have ended. You stopped right when it finally got intresting!…Never thought it would get to me. O_o

  15. Suede’s Spin-Off Show: “The Happy Mormon Reporter” XD lol

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