Milo Murphy’s Law – Familiar Faces

CR! takes a look at a new series starring Weird Al.

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Familiar Faces, the show that gives a second look at the underrated and forgotten characters from your favorites, new and old.


  1. The Real Silverstar

    Eh, what I saw of this show was OK, but it’s nothing I’d go out of my way to watch (though Weird Al makes anything better). I thought Phineas & Ferb was a better concept, though I always liked the idea of that show more than the show itself.

    • i´m a huge fan to Phineas and Ferb form one the best shows of the history of disnye channel but i´mpretty sure that milo murphy law will have his own charm and identity

  2. Weird Al doing awesome voicework in a modern animated cartoon? Nah, I’m sure you’d hate it.

    Mmmmm. This cheese sandwich is the best thing I’ve had in years.

    • Having had time to actually watch it now, yeah, you don’t exactly have a very good track record when it comes to continuing to like a thing you’ve experienced early on. I figured there’d been at least a few episodes first.

      I really don’t get the “I can’t get into this character because all I hear is the voice actor” thing. Like, yeah, I can hear Weird Al in there, but I had no problem seeing the other party pony as his own character (who had AMAZING chemistry with Pinkie) with maybe the small but amazing exception of when he started breaking into a polka cover of the smile song.

  3. You have to admit, for someone who has bad stuff happen to him, you can see how his character has come to develop a savvy-ness to it. Like the times he does get injured, he does try to avoid it or expects it to happen as to prepare for it, so its like he knows and he is ready for bad luck to happen to him, thus kinda making him a survivalist almost.

  4. I’m sorry. I’m just –
    You are a reviewer on Channel Awesome, a channel where “Weird Al” music is constantly played by Doug, Lewis, and several other reviewers.
    and yet you can not pronouce his last name correctly.
    There is no “H” at the end of his name.
    Doug and Lewis are now going to ask you to go stand in the corner.

  5. Based on the show’s creator’s previous work, Phineas and Ferb, combined with this premise, I expect this to be an incredibly formulaic.

  6. Barely saw of the ‘Dog’ in this review, and already I’m… heeeeehhh… about it.

    It seems interesting, quite like the redhair girl’s style, but the ‘Dog’ worries me a little.

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