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Chris Stuckmann reviews Misery.

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  1. Annie’s speech about cliffhanger cop-outs gave me an idea for a series. Each episode ends with an undeniably inescapable cliffhanger, only for the next episode’s recap to show it slightly differently. And it’s very deliberate, a sign that something strange is happening. Gradually, the characters realize that history is being rewritten around them, and when they start pushing back, time punishes them by rewriting itself for the worse. This would probably work best as a miniseries; it needs to be episodic, but I can’t really see it being dragged out for several years.

  2. I haven’t watched this movie in years, but when Chris showed those clips demonstrating the shots used to build tension, I immediately got goosebumps and nervous feeling in my gut because it brought back the memories of those scenes, and how nerve wracking and nail biting they were.

    Yeah, this movie is a classic, I love horror that can rely on atmosphere and tension so perfectly.

  3. I’ve never seen this movie but it looks super brutal. O.O

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