MLP Vlogs: Baby Cakes – Dena

Pinkie Pie wants to prove that she can babysit the Cake Twins. Only good things can come from this.

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Crossover Princess

Spooky timing, as today’s new episode was also a baby sitting episode with Twilight baby sitting Flurry Heard and a different lesson when it comes to babysitting.

Anon Tumahab

That’s an interesting point. I noted in today’s episode that, all things considered, Flurry Heart is an unusually well-behaved baby. Now that this review came out, I realize that makes sense. They didn’t want a repeat of this episode.

Anon Tumahab
What always stuck out about this episode to me is it’s the only episode where, toward the end, Pinkie Pie isn’t able to be her normal off the wall self but has to be responsible. Just seeing her put the kids to bed and cleaning up at the end…I dunno. There’s something about her “acting normal” that stands out to me in this episode. I also thought it presented a rather horrifying possibility. Since it indicated that non-same-species breeds of ponies can interbreed and produce species that don’t correspond to either parent…what happens when two pegasi give birth to an… Read more »

I think they’d either have to move to the ground, or call the filly “Autumn.”