MLP Vlogs: Family Appreciation Day – Dena

Granny Smith is literally best pony. Now if only Applebloom could realize that.

Watch on YouTube here.

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FYI it’s spelled “Apple Bloom”

Anon Tumahab

Great review as always. 🙂 I never noticed how many times Granny Smith called Apple Bloom by the wrong name.

To me personally, this seemed to be a landmark episode for Granny Smith. Through all of Season One and the first part of Season Two, she was portrayed as old, aged, decrepit, and possibly a little senile. Starting with this episode she became more energetic and feisty. I kind of like the change because it let her be used as more of a character than just a source for “old person jokes”.


To be honest it was later revealed that Cheerily is Baltimare Valley Girl.. she isn’t particularly smart just good with the kids.