MLP Vlogs: Hearth’s Warming Eve – Dena

The Mane Six star in a play about the founding of Equestria.

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Anon Tumahab
Just as a fun fact in case you’re interested… In the book version of “The Journal of the Two Sisters”, penned by former show writer Amy Keating Rogers, she sets out a case where unicorns did indeed used to handle the rising and setting of the sun, but it came at a pretty tall price. Every day ten unicorns would have to fully sacrifice their magic to make it so. The journal starts shortly after the events of the pageant in this episode, and the story it tells is that the filly alicorns Celestia and Luna were chosen to be… Read more »
It has been a while since I’ve read The Journal of the Two Sisters. Did it really imply that 10 unicorns had to give up their magic each day, as in never being able to use magic again? I’m trying to resist the urge to correct the notion that B canon is non-canon, but I don’t think I can, so yeah, B canon isn’t non-canon, it’s just optional canon, and this particular work is by one of the show’s former writers to boot. Also, the season 6 premiere doesn’t invalidate it as Celestia and Luna are indeed born Alicorns, but… Read more »

Can I just point out that I find it funny that the future Alicorn princess is playing the servant here.

Wonder if that was planned?