MLP Vlogs: Sweet and Elite – Dena

Rarity has to choose between what’s best for her business and what’s best for her friendships.

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Crossover Princess

I do like this episode. First appearance of the Party Cannon (got to love the Party Cannon) and I do like Fancy Pants. He is a good guy.

Also that one pony in charge of Rarity’s suitcases reminds me so much the Squeaky Voiced Teen, probably intentional.

Anon Tumahab
Why in the world are there not more airships in the series? As an old school Final Fantasy fan, I want to see them take a ride. I kind of have a different view of this episode. Maybe it’s because I saw Rarity’s interactions with the Canterlot crowd as less trying to make her business a success and more wanting to “fall in with the upper crust”. I’m also not a terribly big fan of episodes with “have it all” endings. The only episode that I ever personally felt was outright ruined by a have it all ending is Season… Read more »

Let’s not exaggerate.. Equestria Girls don’t exist in my headcanon, but creators were wise enough to made them in a way that they don’t interfere with main canon even if they are canonical. They also contain some huge reveals what creators didn’t dare to put in main series, like Sirens or whole Midnight Sparkle plot.. even if it is core plot-twist for whole series as pony-Twilight is the same (there is huge theory what explain that in detail).


The symbol on her butt ? Yeah. It’s a ‘Fleur de Lis’… ‘de lis’.