MLP Vlogs: The Show Stoppers – Dena

The Cutie Mark Crusaders enter the school talent show. Only good things can come from this.

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This is an episode I came to appreciate more after the fact. I found it frustrating when I first saw it, especially because the CMCs had obvious talents. I didn’t end up caring much for them till season 2 when they were handled better by the writers.

Anon Tumahab
For me personally, I liked the episodes where the CMCs were free to just “be kids” as opposed to the fruitless search for the Cutie Marks…in later seasons, that was. In the first season it was still fresh. I knew full well they weren’t going to get them in this episode, but the concept was still so new they could have fun with episodes like this. I always get caught by the continuity error at the end of this episode. Note that after the performance, the CMCs are met backstage by Rarity, Applejack…and Rainbow Dash. Pretty sure at this point… Read more »