MMO Grinder: Wakfu – ChaosD1

What better place to get a unique game and an entertaining anime than… France?! Chaos takes a look into Wakfu, a… a certainly different kind of MMO, with turn-based tactical combat, and a sandbox style.

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Interested in MMOs, but not willing to delve into them to find out?. In the MMO Grinder, ChaosD1 takes a look at various free-to-play games out there, giving you a comprehensive guide on how the game looks, sounds, plays, and tips on starting out. Be it an Action, RPG or Puzzle MMO, this show won't roll "need" on all your loot!

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Why must people pronounce things the way they do ._.


Your seventy two episodes in and now I’m interested in your series I’ll have to watch more episodes to make sure. But none the less good video I will definitely watch the anime when I get the chance.