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Well, that “F” is certainly deserved.

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  1. Ah yes, Gundam Wing.

    My first foray into the depths of hell- I mean Yaoi fanfiction.

    Good times.

  2. Checked F91 out in the early 2000s because it was one of the better bots in Super Robot Taisen and yeah, it sucked. I believe I bought Endless Waltz around the same time and 100% sure I never watched it. Not too surprising as I’ve always been more of a Macross fan anyway.

  3. Based on that rant about concept of Newtypes I would say that Sage doesn’t understand what Newtypes are really about. It’s not about being good at killing other people but ability to communicate and understand them as result of human evolution resulting from living in space. Also Gundam main characters that are Newtypes are already talented at piloting mobile suits before they Newtype abilities manifest or there is something else like something that Gundam has like RX-78’s armor and self learning computer that allows them to survive long enough to become good pilots. So no, being Newtype doesn’t make them good at piloting mobile suits.

    • This. Newtype-based weaponry, which most Gundams aren’t, are about corrupting something that was supposed to advance mankind. Not to mention Newtypes killing each other leads to traumatic consequences like being haunted by Tomino swans. Weaponizing and/or cloning psychics wasn’t exactly shown as fun.

      It’s like how space colonies are some of the deadliest weapons in the series. That’s not what they’re for, and that’s kind of the whole point.

      All that said, the movie itself did suck.

      • There is many reasons why movie did suck, even if Gundam fans generally hope for remake of F91 and Crossbone in future, but it should also be pointed out that those events happen afer Unicorn where as we know Newtypes stop being used anymore. That is why it treat it as a sort of inside joke.

    • Exactly. I’m not sure if Sage only read about it on Wiki or his whole experience with the concept are bad Gundam series like Wing, but he clearly repeat here myths equal to claims that Superman is deus ex machina and can turn time rotating Earth in opposite side (what neither is true).

  4. Come on, Federation is not the only organization that had Newtype. Zeon even got Newtype research institution to train their Newtypes, and Federation had builded anti-Newtype weapon to hunt Newtyeps.

    And the point of Newtype is not better at killing other, Newtypes are supposed to be better at sensing and communicate with other people. The tragedy of Newtype is base on they are so much better at empathy and communicate with others, even the enemys, but still can’t stop the fighting or people treating them like some kind of killing machine.

  5. I can’t wait for your 0083 review (also enjoyed seeing all the 0083 clips in your review preamble). I managed to get the DVDs a long time ago used from an FYE. Why would someone get rid of something that awesome?
    When it comes to Gundam Wing, I can’t blame you for not liking it. It’s very drawn out: characters constantly changing sides, stiff line delivery, and plenty of repeated animation. Most Gundam discussion panels I’ve been to at conventions they’ve agreed that Wing is held in high regards because it was the first Gundam many of us Oldtaku were exposed to.
    For me, I have a soft spot in my heart for G Gundam. It’s so ridiculous in its premise, and half the time has terrible voice acting and localization, but there’s a certain charm to it. Plus I’ve got a lot of admiration for Mark Gatha (Domon) who had to yell the majority of his lines; not an easy thing to do.

    • Wing isn’t hold in high regards. Most Gunadm fans hate it, but it for some weird reason have cult group of fanboys in the States who cant admit that they are blinded by nostalgia. And yes, as you said it is only because it was frost Gundam there. This same goes with Voltron, who in Japan is totally forgotten as it was generic Super Robo what was released after Macross, so when literally no one cared about Super Robo anymore.

  6. I would’ve liked this video more if it was more accurate. Sage’s comments kind of come off as uninformed and ignorant, considering there’s a wealth of information that fills in a lot of his assumptions, which are pretty inaccurate. Especially about Newtypes, and that whole rant is just based on wrong information.
    F91 is a mess, no doubt, and it’s due to executive meddling and production issues. But tarring the whole franchise with the same brush and ranting about things that aren’t accurate is a pretty cheap shot.

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