Monster and Madman & ROM Spaceknight #38-39 – LOTD

A double feature of Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, a cyborg, a kung-fu master, a mummy, and space witches!

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. That ending was kinda beautiful in a dark sorta way…

    Wow, even Morate likes ROM.

  2. First one – “Bride Of Frankenstein” is one of my favorite movies. This seemed to be more or less an adaptation. The artwork looks great.

    Second one – I didn’t know this would have two parts. I should have notice the & sign. You used two different outros!

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