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Film Brain’s attempting re-entry! He’s following James Bond on one of his daftest adventures ever, with a gondola that can become a speedboat, space battles and a pigeon that does a double take!

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"Bad Movie Beatdown" takes a look at the very worst that Hollywood has to offer with commentary and analysis. "Projector" is reviews of current UK releases that have yet to open in the US. There may also be some commentaries and other material.


  1. Yes! Finally! A new Bad Movie Beatdown! I missed you Mathew!

  2. New Bad Movie Beatdown? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s great to see you back!!!!! This is tied with Ultraman Mebius and Sherlock as one of my favorite shows so to see this back is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And I was super happy to hear about you reviewing this because I loved the Die Another Day review, which was strange since I remember my sister having Die Another Day on VHS when I was very small and I had no idea what it was, only finding out it was a James Bond film from your Live Wire review.
    This looks awful!!!!!!! Hope the creepy sexism isn’t a recurring thing in James Bond movies.
    The review was brilliant: I especially love the intro and the telephone! And your new theme song was fantastic!!! It sounds a bit like Buffy meets Power Rangers meet Night Wish. Epic!!!
    Who was the guy you were talking to in the beginning?
    I’m super glad your back and hope there won’t be a 6 month gap in between this and the next one

    Speaking of next episodes, I may not be a Patron but, if you post an episode around, say, January 4th, could it be Chicken Little? Pretty please

    Welcome back, Mr. Brain: missed you 🙂

  3. I missed watching Bad Movie Beatdowns too! 😀

    Still unsure of the new intro, but I can understand using a new song every now and then (and not having to pay royalties for someone else’s song)

  4. I know you guys need revenue but 2 commercials breaks in less then 10 minutes. That is fucking intolerable.

  5. I’d love to see you do Man With The Golden Gun and Octopussy.

    • Those are definitely two of the other most divisive Bond films.

      I’m in the camp that very much enjoys TMWTGG, but I don’t understand the apparent love for ‘Octopussy’ while I know there are MANY Bond fanatics who have the exact opposite opinion.

      • Octopussy is just an odd movie, it seems strangely overwritten with an excessive number of villains with separate motivations, and a title character that it’s not clear exactly how she even fits into it all, and with a tone that veers uneasily between near-Moonraker level goofiness and the more grounded tone of For Your Eyes Only.

  6. I actually rather like Moonraker for how Grant Morrison-level insane it is.

    • Me too. ‘Moonraker’ may be a bad Bond film but it looks spec-TACULAR! As a pre-teen in the early 80’s this was one of the first James Bond movies I ever saw, and since I managed to see this before ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ this version of Jaws became cemented in my brain so I never felt he actually lost any of his bad-assery.
      While I must admit that this version of James Bond seems to be one giant leap backward in the evolution of the series the film is just filled with too much charm and silliness not to enjoy. Heck, I like Shirley Bassey’s performance of ‘Moonraker’ just as much today as I did the first time I heard it. It’s beautifully sung even if it is a bit nonsensical.
      I was too young for the decade but I can still pretend to have some 70’s nostalgia thanks to ‘Moonraker’, ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ and ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’.

  7. Holy shit, a BMB of a film I’ve actually seen!

  8. To be fair, it’d be hard to find a stunt man to look like jaws!

  9. I’ve probably had to close and refresh the page 8 times or more and I’ve only gotten to the 5 minute mark! For some reason I can’t watch Dailymotion videos on my computer. It’s even making me almost unable to type anything without the page freezing even before I press play! I really want to watch the video though. I guess I can get it to work on my phone…

  10. This was a great review, and the shows are as wonderful as ever.

    I love this movie. It’s my second favorite bond, just behind the Spy Who Loved Me. Jaws has to be the greatest character in the franchise and I’m so happy he found a girlfriend.

  11. Damn, a lot of commenters don’t seem to realise Mathew never went away. He has a show called Projector folks!

  12. I’m having some major issues with the video being incredibly choppy. The audio plays fine, but the video plays at about a quarter of the intended speed and then catches up all at once. Eventually it crashes the window too.

  13. Great stuff! Awesome to see some more BMB! Also, who’s the little bobblehead of on your movie shelf?

  14. Great review, glad to see another Bad Movie Beatdown. While it isn’t the best of the Bond franchise, it’s still a fun movie, even if it plays like a parody. How else could you explain Jaws being reduced to the role of a comic relief villain, and Drax calling the henchman hotline to replace a lost henchman.

  15. Wait…

    So are you saying that, in the opening action scene, they actually had someone jump out of a plane without a parachute?

    • No he’s means that the stunt was done for real and filmed as they fell from the plane. What they do is sew a parachute into the jacket of the person playing the man who loses his parachute and dies in the movie. It’s still quite dangerous because it’s the same size as a smaller reserve parachute and there is no back up if that one fails.

      • OK, that’s a little easier to believe. I thought the stuntman had to jump for real, and that someone else in the air had his parachute, and he’d have to…steer?…his way to him like Bond did. Or else.

        Very well done stunt from an under-appreciated movie. I’ve seen Moonraker about two or three times over the years, and I think it’s a lot of fun. You just can’t take any of it seriously. It’s Moore Bond at its campiest, but like with The Man With the Golden Gun, Live and Let Die, and A View to a Kill, it’s a real blast if you can get into it.

        Also, I like that Mathew mentioned the look of the film. For the 1970s, it’s incredibly gorgeous. The jungle temple especially. And the music. Ken Adam and John Barry at the very tip-top of their game.

        Who needs a story? Watch the film for literally ANYTHING else and you’ll come away happy.

  16. Glad to see this is back. It’s my favourite show of yours.

  17. It is so good to see a new BMB video so thank you FM.

    Rather fitting for choice as I rewatched the Die Another Die review a few weeks back which was my most recent BMB video until now.

  18. So basically this is just “The Spy Who Loved Me…IN SPACE!”

  19. What sad is “Moonraker” is my favorite of the James Bond books. It’s a shame they decided to adapt it as a shitty sci-fi movie that had nothing to do with the book. They need to go back and do “Moonraker” right.

  20. “Ah the seventies” – oh, we had much more nudity back then as if now – even you brits have become pussies like the americans when it is about showing nudity. Pity!

    I love this movie – yes, it is campy and not serious at all, and Jaws has a girlfriend and becomes a good guy…. and what’s wrong with that? I like it for exactly these reasons. James Bond was always larger than life with somewhat fantastic elements – it took Daniel Craig’s Bond 4 movies to grasp that and get back to the roots.

    “Broccoli” LOL I still get a chuckle out of his name. I bet he had to eat a lot of vegetables as a kid!

    • “Jaws has a girlfriend and becomes a good guy…. and what’s wrong with that?”

      The problem Matthew kept explaining was, they made him incompetent – more stooge than assassin.

  21. Glad to see you’re back, by the way… you practically disappeared, I was worried you are leaving the site too like so many others.

    • I’d not gone anywhere. I’d been doing more Projector because that’s all I could do, and I was in a bit of a funk because I thought people weren’t really interested in my work anymore.

      • Film Brain,

        BMB and Projector are both good. But both could use a revamping. If I could revamp both, I’d say stop doing both on your bed in your bedroom. That was fine at the beginning when you were starting. But you’re noticeably older now, and it’s time to move both shows into the living room (or other), permanently.

      • That’s good to hear: I was half afraid this would end with a farewell type thing.
        Furthermore, if anything else I’ve commented hasn’t made this apparent, I think your stuff is amazing. Plain and simple.

        Though I do suggest getting an editor or someone to help make these videos so they don’t take so long to make and you don’t end up so drained

        Take care 🙂

  22. The Movie Explorer

    As someone who’s legitimately old enough to have seen this first-run, let me say that I was one of those insufferable little tykes who is responsible for the emasculation of Richard Kiel’s Jaws character. I loved this film, but then, I also loved Donny & Marie, the Brady Kids cartoon and the Star Wars Holiday Special. What do you want from me? I was eight! My critical faculties hadn’t kicked in yet!

  23. Actually, in “The Spy Who Loved me”, Stromberg never mentions why he wants to blow everything up, except that he doesn’t like the surface very much. He never mentions repopulating the Earth and simply believes underwater living is inevitable. However, we only see two women in his entire organization and they’re both dead well before the halfway point.

    If there’s one thing “Moonraker” does better, it’s explaining the villain’s motive.

    “The Spy Who Loved Me” was also heavily ripped off from “You Only Live Twice”.

  24. You are still referencing the old opening song in the new intro.

  25. Anyone else think the villain sort of looks like a full-sized peter dinklage?

  26. Jaws’ “love at first sight” scene would have been much funnier if the girl had huge metal braces.

  27. Uh, this DailyMotion site is literally killing my computer. So many ads, bad coding and I don’t know what else. The video is choppy, and in the middle of the video, the whole site crashed.

    The review is excellent and funny, but this DM website is just horrible.

  28. I kind of enjoy this movie. It really is like no other Bond film, and I think that’s why I enjoy it, as I find most Bond movies really boring generic action films.

  29. Regarding laser guns, actually, I remember when Dead Space 2 came out, someone modified the Collector’s Edition’s model gun that lit up with a few laser pointers, and replaced them with industrial strength lasers that could set things on fire. It lit up via pulling the trigger, so really, that was a laser gun. Laser guns are possible. We just aren’t using them, for reasons.

  30. So glad to see more badmoviebeatdown.

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