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Green Arrow and his super-defenestration powers!

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  1. I don’t care how lame this story is – I really hope to see a collection of Golden Age Green Arrow stories. (Maybe a DC Archives edition…)

    Also, can’t wait for the Daredevil #1 review!

  2. Did you really miss that they just mean they each took a code name that matched some historical figure? None of these are their real names. It’s something secret societies like to do.

    • Except it’s not a secret society, if it was it wouldn’t be being discussed on the radio as if everybody knew what it was. Also, all the characters in the story are acting as if those names are their actual names which suggests that they are.

      Besides, if they were taking historical code names for a secret society they would just name themselves after the historical figure in question and not address themselves using those code names in public.

    • That guy did pore research anyway.. Cesar didn’t die by knife but stylus.

  3. My first introduction to Green Arrow was Justice League Unlimited. In that cartoon he was fun character.

  4. It’s funny you pointed out how 1940s Indians talked like Tarzan, when, in the late 80s, SNL had a recurring sketch with Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein, the joke being that they all talk the same.

  5. Good thing that none of them took the name “Washington.” He would have had a helluva time trying to murder someone with a severe throat infection.

  6. Happy Secret Origins Month!

    I haven’t seen an episode of The CW’s Arrow series, but I do appreciate the character for being awesome at what he does best. BTW, I loved him in Justice League Unlimited, Smallville, and the video game “Injustice: Gods Among Us.“
    Also, I’ve read some of my dad’s old Batman comics, and they end with stories about Green Arrow, his kid sidekick Speedy (no relation to my screen name), and their “Arrow-mobile,” which during the 50’s looked like a bunch of junk yard crap put together to make a car.

    5:37- Well, with the way the smoke is coming out of the gun, it kinda looks like he’s shooting against the wall of the building.

    6:06- Also, why does the purple guy look like The Shadow?

    6:38- Ah, don’t worry, Linkara. At least we saw Superman fight mummies in one of the old cartoons.

    7:36- Well, GL eventually got an actual Arrow-Plane, which can also be seen in DC: The New Frontier, both the comic and the movie titled “Justice League: The New Frontier.”

    8:59- These are the type of questions you get from an early 40’s superhero stories, and I think the same logic complies with Batman ‘66.

    11:51- In speaking of grease paint, is that what Oliver Queen in Arrow uses for his domino mask? (“After doing some research…”) Yep, he has.

    I’m just happy to know that Green Arrow had better stories some time after his first appearance, and DC later made his origin much better

    At least Quoag isn’t a racist as in the movie “Shriek of the Mutilated” where there’s a character named Laughing Crow, who is a deaf-mute Native American servant, and was played by an Italian American. And in speaking of movies reviewed by The Cinema Snob, just be thankful that he doesn’t talk like John Wayne from The Conqueror.

  7. Will that “Ancient Egypt” gag ever get old?

    The answer is “no”.

  8. Um, not to nitpick, but Oliver never throws anyone _out_ of a window in this story, so how does he have “super-defenestration powers”?

    If you’re referring to his being launched through the window into the building, I personally would refer to that as “auto-fenestration powers”. 🙂

  9. So if George Pap accidentally spilled something on his art would that make it a

    pap smear?

  10. Hmmmm, is that poster in the back….

    …. related to the AT4W movie?

  11. I like what Harley Quinn said about the “Arrow Cave” in the comic book tie-in to Injustice.
    “I know Batman has a bat cave, but that makes sense. Bats live in caves. […] Why don’t you call it, like, “The Quiver”?”
    “That… …Is actually better.”

    I regularly watch Arrow on Neflix with my dad, and it’s pretty good, although sometimes it gets a little repetitive and I’ve been noticing more and more I can really only stay interested in watching it for one episode at a time. I’m more eager for when its sister series, The Flash, is on Netflix in Australia. From what I’ve seen of it, it stays fresher for longer.

  12. The artwork for the cover of this episode makes Aquaman look SO adorable. I just want a plushie of that! LOL

  13. What was that shoe made of that it smashed through the window? I would expect it to just bounce off the glass.

  14. Enjoyable review Linkara, well done! Out of curiosity, what do you think of the Young Justice cartoon version of Roy Harper?

  15. General Surgeon! Yay, cut down those heros a notch will ya!

  16. So who is the second DC character for this month? You already did Superman, Batman, and the Flash, Supergirl’s show just started, and Constantine’s show was canceled after one season despite fan.

    I can’t really think of any other DC character that would be considered “successful outside of comics” right now.

  17. I really don’t get the joke in the artwork title screen. Usually the jokes in the title artwork reflects what we will see in the comic Linkara will review. But so far I see nothing.

  18. I wasn’t expecting another review. Why didn’t you say it in the title? I thought there’d be more plot at the end. Instead, it was a promoting for books. I wasn’t expecting that! I want people to read more nowadays.

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