MUD2MMO: Christmas Special

Bringing back a classic episode from 2012, talking about Christmas in MMO’s.

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  1. We have Life Day in SWTOR, god it’s hard to play there’s so much lag.

  2. We got rain before Christmas in NH, but the weather was pretty damn nice (though no snow of course) on the actual day.

  3. Alright Mr. Tyger, school is in and I’m the teacher. Stop dancing around the subject instead of finding justifications for it. Most servers serve people from one geographic area of collection of timezones and so it wouldn’t be hard to infer what Holiday the vast majority of people on a server are likely to be celebrating. Also, as you pointed out yourself, Christmas has become an imported holiday to much of the world and therefore the majority of people anywhere are likely somewhat familiar with it.

    Now I’m not saying you need take a flag waving, shotgun holding and Bible thumping stance on this, but I think its fair to say that you should put on your big boy pants and address the topic for what it is. It’s all about political correctness, and the ugly kind of political correctness at that. A group of whiny lefties is always threatening someone for anything culturally conservative in the west and is hell bent of maninpulating the future cultural narrative which justifying it all in the name of whatever false virtue they want to push this week. You may interpret it somewhat differently, or want to crouch it in different words, but in your heart of hearts you know the not mentioning of Christmas has nothing to do with potentially alienating people who are already familiar with it.

    • Hey there! I didn’t address it in this episode because, in the near future, I’m going to be revisiting a topic I covered in an old show talking specifically about religion in MMO’s with an eye of expanding it to gaming in general. It’s not dancing as, at the time, I had talked about the topic and didn’t want to re-hash it.

      But rest assured, what you are talking about will be discussed in much more detail in a future time.

      • You’re actually being responsive, now I feel like a jerk for the arrogant tone I took. Still, I don’t think we should promote explanation if they probably at their core aren’t the real cause for the situation. I’ll wait for your future episodes.

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