MUD2MMO Classic: Based on a True Story

In this classic episode, Tyger asks the quesiton “Should video games be historically accurate?” You may be surprised!

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As a european history teacher, amen to you, sir.


(^other Manuel! :))
Historically accurate games… I’d play that. Plus, being someone that is ashamed of the history of my country (México) both old and current, It might be an enlightening experience to simulate the experience of other(s) nation’s history.

The quality of people’s education depends on which school that they go to, and which classes they take at said school. I went to a rural high school and it was pretty varied, and up to date, in the technology, facilities, and variety of classes available. I took Advanced Social Studies, and it was a class full of pretty smart people which was taught by a very smart man: The things we discussed were very uncensored and thorough. I’m sure that the regular Social Studies classes were full of schmucks picking their noses, laughing at old works of art “Look,… Read more »
About the holocaust. As a gamer and a Jew I would love to see a game tacking the holocaust, either from the point of view of the allied soldiers who had to liberate the camp, or even from the point of view of a holocaust survivors (or victim). The trouble is that our society won’t allow it, it simply don’t trust video games to tackle this kinds of subject. Look up the ill-fated game that tried just this: “imagination is the only escape”, and while you are at this loot at another game that never got a chance to be… Read more »
Man Am I happy about how much of history from outside our boarders we have to learn from primary school till high school(I’m from Poland.. Greetings btw ). Granted I hated History class (suck at remembering dates) & almost had to repeat a class in high school cause of it, but I still appreciate it, though it does give you a little sense of smugness over ppl in the US. Mostly cause of the fact how much more I had to learn about other countries here & how much more of that my country has… Personally I recommend looking into… Read more »

Another good example of this, although it’s not actually based on a true story, was Medal of Honor. A lot of people were enraged that you could play the terrorists in the multiplayer and kill American soldiers.


Singling out Fox News was itself an example of ignoring history. Well, very, very recent history. MSNBC has a worse track record.

More to your point, I don’t see an obligation for video games to teach. To have them avoid actively misleading kids… Well, there you might have me.


Then don’t claim to be historically accurate.