MUD2MMO: Enhancing a Livestream (or how GM’s & Community Managers can make their game more fun)

Tyger broke one of his cardinal rules about shows, but decides to fix it this week. Not everyone can be a zen master, you know.

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  1. These are some ideas I’d love to see implemented in a lot of online games, regardless of whether or not they’re technically MMOs.

  2. TooMuchFreeTime

    Lol c’mon man, I’ve never even watched Lawnmower Man and I get that reference. 😛

    My GM interactions in WoW were always pretty positive. One time we were in a raid and a GM started interacting with one of us who had a ticket open. He ended up chilling with us for a few minutes, doing stuff like turning people (or maybe it was just himself?) into ogres, or teleporting (for serious spell check? that’s not a word?) them to nearby unreachable ledges.

    Hell, one time a friend put in a ticket asking if a certain snack item (sorry, I don’t remember what) was technically a cookie or cracker, and they answered! It was a cookie, of course. 🙂

    • When I played WoW the GM’s were non-obtrusive for the most part. They only messaged me in game when I had a ticket, but they never dropped enemies on me or similar. I don’t know, I’m tempted to get back into WoW.

  3. I’ve been playing pangya for a pretty long time now. It’s a lesser known golf mmo, so don’t worry if this does not ring any bells.

    Anyway: A few years ago there was a european server of the game and the four major languages represented among players (french, german, spanish and english) all had their own community managers. They participated actively in the forums and organized some inGame events.

    They took the time to listen to the players and present their opinion to the company, as well as explaining some moves the company did to the playerbase.

    The real reason i liked all of the community mods there was, that they were not completely professional, but were sometimes trolling the other cms, or ryling up the communities in friendly competition against each other.

    You had the feeling that they actually cared about the players and were having fun with the game itself.

    In contrast to that, there is now only one server for the americas and europe and they have ONE dedicated community manager for all the players (though the playerbase has been receeding). I have the feeling that she is trying her best, but she just doesn’t have the time to interact as much with the community as the combined 6 community managers on the europe server alone.

    In my opinion the problem with most mmo’s today is that the publishers just try to minimize their costs as much as possible and maximise the profit by all means. Which also leads to players that are fed up with nobody listening to their complains and simply seking out other games (with the same result after a certain time).

    I have had some very nice cooperative games/conversations with a gm/cm and it ties a stronger bond to the game as well.

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