MUD2MMO : Game Enhancement Devices

Cameras, robots, voice recognition… Either we’re playng video games or trying to decript a lock secret agent style.

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  1. I wonder if virtual reality is going to the future the game industry is supposedly pushing towards, or just another gimmick.

  2. I’ve never had a problem with pressing buttons to make something happen in a game nor wanted an alternative. Programing a button to do a more complex sequence of commands is the only room for improvement I see.

    However, I am disappointed that the Hydra was a failure. I expect Occulus or similar devices will add some difficulty to using a keyboard, or make make repositioning your mouse away from edge a challenge, without the benefit of looking at where your hand is placed.

  3. I suppose it’s also how these being unsuccessful technologies give it another try some years later. It’s not like the idea isn’t cool, but we haven’t gotten a reliable execution. Which I think it also comes to what a friend told me about how new hardware needs to introduce new genres of games. I think that’s also the reason DDR and Guitar Hero succeeded since while we could play them with normal controllers, it’ll be duller.

    What do you think of the Steam controller?

  4. Duuno if I’d put the oculus in the gimmick category just yet, as long as the other VR head mounted displays that are coming out are the same resolution and programmers won’t have to do too much to make the games viewable on multiple such devices they might survive – they already have mostly the same resolution and refresh rate, there might be hope for them – it depends on how much companies like MS, Sony, Samsung and Steam want exclusivity.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah gaming enhanchments such as the kinetic failed because the controls were crap and they sucked and the amibos are ridiculous to me why buy a figure that’s already in the game(I just think Nintendo should make amibos of characters that aren’t in the game like delibird or they can get the rights to make amibos of other characters from other companies). Also I think next year it’ll probably be a 3d game system but that’s just me.

  6. There was an alternate controller I used a lot when playing my NES, that was the Nintendo Advantage Controller. The one with the Joystick and “arcade feel”. I liked it for its turbo buttons and the fact that you could push the buttons quickly even in non-turbo mode.

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