MUD2MMO: H1Z1: A Study in Trust

A video game company promised to never, ever sell power for money, and does it anyway? Tyger is surprised. No, really.

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The whole notion that gamers have of free-to-play is nonsense. The developer strategy of turning a game into a Skinner box of pay-walls is frustratingly moronic.

That’s your impasse right there.

Developers…put a real price on your product.

Gamers…it cost money to develop games. There are no free rides. Pay up.

You mentioned the Skinner box/Stockholm Syndrome thing, but really I think it’s even more basic than that: once people have invested themselves into something, be it through money or time or effort (or even just a simple emotional investment), they have a very hard time letting it go. People have been throwing a lot at H1Z1 on the basis of its promise, and when that promise turned out to be a sack of lies, it was easier to swallow the lies than give up the sunk costs (be they financial or emotional). That’s part of what the hype machine is… Read more »

I see a Certified Tag Badge from Marymouse on the back ;D Furry much? *giggles*

Other than that, good video, I completely agree.


This kind of reminds me of this:

Granted it’s a different topic all together but the reaction is somewhat similar.


The thing you’re missing here is that it’s not as the case with The War Z where it’s an immediate purchase, but something that’s not only a liability to activate, but it’s something that another player can easily steal. Airdrops take a significant amount of time to hit the ground, and they not only attract a lot of zombies, but also any other player who wants the gear. You don’t just “Get” it, which seems to be what you’re implying heavily throughout most of this.


Meh, my fault for not watching the full video. Honestly I was expecting you to be biased from the point you started out with “bandwagon” which yeah… I hate to say it but it kinda is.


Actually surprised someone hasn’t tried to sue over losing gear they paid for in a game like in WarZ.