MUD2MMO: NES-stalgia, a Retrogaming Revisit

Back in the old days of the show Tyger said “you can’t go home” in reference to retrogaming. Has he changed his mind?

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  1. Hey Tyger, this video definitely speaks to my generation since I grew up with the NES as my first system and completely remember how insanely frustrating these games were as a kid.

    I’ve been contemplating on getting usb controllers of my favorite consoles and the only one I have is the N64 one since no other gamepad can come close to it and I have a generic Logitech controller for the other systems.

    As for my thoughts on the younger generation playing NES games: GET OFF MAH LAWN. j/k

    I do think it’s great that kids these days are curious about the older games and it’ll give them more appreciation for gaming as a whole after they understand what we went through at their age.

    • I kinda wonder if there’s going to be a mass rediscovery of the old systems, and a flood to market of kids wanting them. It’d be interesting to see re-releases of old arcade standards, NES and Sega titles aimed at the new market of kids who want an unfiltered, original experience.

      I can dream, can’t I?

      And frustrating… I was gonna mention the living hell I had trying to beat G-13 back inthe day, like hitting pause, going for dinner, then coming back to find SOMEONE turned the console off… But naah, I’m not too mad. No, really, I’m not…

  2. Don’t worry about feeling old. I suddenly realized today that I quit the Girl Scouts about 20 years ago. *sigh*

  3. Moviemantweeter1999

    I love the avgn’s review of battletoads its hailrious how he fought and played the video game with the guy that sits behind his couch and the guy who sings the theme song it brings back memories. Good video too this generation can play most old arcade games online OE on consoles that have a store for it. I think this video has made me more interested in finding old games from the past. Also fair use on YouTube is barely a thing anymore because companies like fox and most notably Viacom like to take reviewers stuff down because it’s one of there film or tf shows they don’t even pay attention to if your talking over the footage. Just a few months ago the screen shots host Calluna had her backlog heroes videos of rayreaths knights copyrighted by YouTube. But then the copyright ban got lifted. So just a quick note I want you to be aware of it.

  4. I remember playing the NES at Kiley’s, I loved the sift rubbery buttons, & wished every gamepad on every console after that had used rubber buttons.

    & if for any reason anyone actually wanted to play an Atari Jaguar game, Atari Jaguars have a bad habit of breaking. I’ve never found out if emulation makes playing CD-i games any less migraine inducing. But one thing’s for sure; running a ROM through software like Vinecorrupt creates a whole new kind of fun.

    Conglaturation. You’re Winner. Congrendulates. A winner is you. Go & rest our heroes.

    • I never got to play the Jaguar, I did play on a 3DO however, CD games were WEIRD. Somem were pretty fun, but they were just odd sometimes. I don’t know if there’s emulators fo Jaguars or other CD games, but it might be interesting to find one and try it.

  5. There are also ppl who never had these games as kids (couldn’t afford, parents bought oher games or no games at all) & want to see what they missed

    • I was hit with another possibility too, and it’s parents who grew up on these games as kids buying them for THEIR children. This I found likely too, but I’m not sure how many would do emulators over just hauling out old systems. I like your idea too, and it makes sense to me too.

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