MUD2MMO: Olympic Level E-Sports

By popular demand, Tyger dismantles the argument that e-sports should be an Olympic event. He may also have news about the Easter Bunny too.

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  1. TooMuchFreeTime

    Yup. When you raised this idea last time my thought was e-sports would never get in for the same reason chess will never get in.

    It would be nice if there was a ‘mind-game’ Olympics, but even then e-sports would still need to get their act together.

    • That’s actually being brought up in other places, a sort of “Mind Olympics” would be interesting, but also a hard sell on most people. A chess game isn’t exactly riveting TV, even if it has an audience that would watch it. Even then? Yeah, e-sports would still need to grow up more than a little.

  2. Fun fact: ephedrine is an amphetamine-class controlled substance (weaker than amphetamine and methamphetamine or MDMA, stronger than pseudoephedrine), and was sold for a time as a weight-loss drug before it, you know, killed people.

  3. If people don’t understand why e-sports wont be a Olympic sport than they’re a lost cause. Yeah LoL and Dota sells out a huge ass stadium for their finals, big fricken whoop. So do dozens of other sports and entertainment events and they do it more then once or twice a year. Even if they did get in things like balance patches would be a nightmare.

  4. It’s funny you brought up ballroom dancing as a sport. Recently I was reading this manga (Japanese comic series) about competitive dancing (though not Olympic level). You can read it here:

    It has great artwork and I like it, though I’m not sure if you like this style of comics.

  5. Man, that was stone cold. I loved it. XD Yeah, I really can’t wrap my head around the idea of normal gamers actually pining for Olympic gold. I mean this goes far and beyond Dairy Queen adding bacon to their ice cream. The whole thing just seems inherently incompatible for all the most important reasons. Honestly, if they couldn’t make e-sports into Olympic events back when hot tobbasco-sauce guzzling arcade champions reigned over Pac-Man, I can’t see it happening now with any of these mediums you mentioned. And anyway I’m not sure why gamers *would* complain, I mean unless I’m terribly mistaken video games actually have music videos beat for the most popular type of video people watch on youtube. Fighting for a slot in the olympics would just be more trouble than it would be worth. Except for the AAA gaming companies, which I too can imagine would have no compunctions about using their consumers as Olympian Cash Cows. I’m looking at you, EA Games.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah i totally agree with you on e sports being in the olympics they shouldnt be because your playing a video game not doing real sports. I could see bowling,bull riding,heck i could even see tap dancing being an olympic event but not e sports and companies want the money not the satisfactio of there players. But companies do cash in on the olympics because they want so much endorsements and money. Good thing you got me talking about this because i do enjoy writing long comments. I actually have run a marathon before and it was the shwmrock 8k (welli had to follow the path that wad givin to me it wasnt designed like an e sports track would be). I better get going good video and can’t wait to see more from you and thanks for getting me talking.

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