MUD2MMO Reviews Photon – The Recruit feat Nostalgia Critic

By order from on high, Tyger is reviewing a TV show! We’re pulling out one from the vaults as we talk about “Photon”, the TV show!

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MUD2MMO is a bi-weekly show talking about gaming culture. It's not a typical review or "go buy this game" show, we focus on the gamers, the industry, everything else. Come on by, enjoy the show.


  1. I really enjoy your look at games and gamers as a whole. I feels like a sociological/anthropological look at gamer culture and you have very good insights. I know and remember most of the stuff you describe. I don’t have an account on youtube but I wanted to say that I appreciate this show, like it on youtube, and for some reason the subscription never tells me you’ve updated. -_-;;. At any rate, I understand why you wouldn’t be focusing so much on this show anymore, but I will definitely miss it!

  2. THat was really entertaining. You did a good job there.

  3. How did I miss this yesterday? I generally love crossovers. This was done pretty well and it was cool that I’ve never heard of Photon in my life so I learned something new.

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