MUD2MMO: Turning the game Sideways, Roadblocks in World of Tanks Rally

Last episide Tyger used an example that he didn’t quite get into. So, to alleviate confusion, full explanation, and a drinking game.

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MUD2MMO is a bi-weekly show talking about gaming culture. It's not a typical review or "go buy this game" show, we focus on the gamers, the industry, everything else. Come on by, enjoy the show.


  1. Ah! I still have all these clips from WebDog on my hard drive. Copied them all to my friend last summer who was starting in Paintball…. good times we had 🙂

  2. Moviemantweeter1999

    Wow good review and why are you a family show if your on channel awesome tons of these videos aren’t family friendly so why would you still be? Also lots of people do the drinking game at parties(for example I did it at a super bowl party with Dr.pepper cause I’m a teenager so hearing that you did before you were on channel awesome is way cool dude). No I haven’t seen the movie 300 either but I’ll catch it sometime in The future.

    • Why do I keep it a family friendly show? ‘Cuz I can, and ‘cuz I always feel like if I can get my point across without gratuitous swearing, it’s better that way. I have my own standards. That’s what I’m saying.

      Well, that and it’s much more interesting what people tell me they come up with. Most of the time it’s physically impossible to reenact but it’s still quite humorous to envision.

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