MUD2MMO : Virtual Reality (Past, Present, Future)

This week Tyger is talking about Virtual Reality. It’s so much more than just funny goggles and wearing spandex in an Orbitron.

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MUD2MMO is a bi-weekly show talking about gaming culture. It's not a typical review or "go buy this game" show, we focus on the gamers, the industry, everything else. Come on by, enjoy the show.


  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    That hot pockets commercial I’ve seen a lot on t.v. And I just thought the guy was being clumsy(screw me for trying to think that). But thank gos I haven’t watched red asphalt yet(let’s hope I don’t get too but they probably have it banned in schools and there’s no way I’m bothering myself to look it up on YouTube. I think just instead of making the headsets all black they should make a clear glass tv for it where they can have the brightness of the game set on light but people can still see thourghout the front or put holes in the sides of the helmet.

    Speaking of big named arcades and simulators,I have a Dave and busters right next to my house in the mall so the next time I go there I’ll look for a car simulator and make that the very first thing I play. As for the airplane simulator, they have this thing at the air and space museum in my state where you can controll and be a flight taker off and they have the sticks for it and the road that person goes on.

    Liked the cameos from Paul of Lucky6 and liked the horror gurus mention(too bad he didn’t show up:(

    • Funny thing is when I went to high school in 1992, they stopped showing Red Asphalt after all my friends literally bragged they all watched it, so it’s not surprising they’ve banned it from schools.

      Very cool to see Paul from Lucky Six making more cameos since he hasn’t been posting as much as he used to.

  2. I don’t know if people have asked you this, but have you heard about animated shows (.hack//SIGN, Log Horizon, and *grits teeth* Sword Art Online) that revolve around virtual reality MMORPGs?

    • Not specifically about those shows, no, but I’ve seen some older stuff in the past. To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of TV, so it takes something special to make me want to go seek it out. the only reason I watched “Digimon” was I was paid to do so. (long story…) But I knew that there are shows with that basic idea behind it.

  3. I got driver’s ed at 14. The late 90’s version of Red Asphalt scared me so bad away from driving that here I am 17 years later, and I still don’t have a driver’s license. I’m pretty sure the version they showed us just had reenactments anyway.

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