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Film Brain thinks that when the most compelling part of your Agatha Christie mystery is a moustache, you’ve got problems.

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  1. The bit with the eggs being the same size is from the books, actually, so that wasn’t Branagh’s idea at all. With that said, the Suchet and Finney versions are very superior.

    Branagh’s version has Poirot deliberately step in poo, just to keep his OCD balanced??? NO NO NO. GAHD. Poirot would NEVER do that. He’s portrayed in the books as exceedingly neat and clean, super-fastidious, and will constantly pick up the smallest bits of thread from his clothes? He will take hours to clean a small spot of grease from his jacket, not spot the other freakin’ side. That sounds like a crude attempt at toilet humor, and not at all like Poirot.

  2. I just saw it with my father today about a few hours ago and I can only say this: It’s a me, slightly unpronounceable Belgian French name, “Ercool Poyro.” (Still in French accent this should be said, not Italian).

  3. It’s a’me mon ami, Hercules Pirate or It’s a’me Serious minded, straight played but Inspector Jacques Clouseau both embodied by Peter Sellers and Steve Martin over the years, anyway this film is both monotonously boring and at suddenly emotionally shocking at this same time, although the beginning was pretty good.

  4. I probably need to buy and watch the 1974 version by Sidney Lumet.

  5. Obviously I never read the book and I don’t care cause I’m not a Christie fan.

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