Murder on the Orient Express – Tamara Just Saw

Tamara & Jake check out Murder on the Orient Express. Is this star studded movie a hit?

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  1. I’ll come back when I’ve actually seen this movie. Follow up comment to come.

    • The comment section will still be here later, you know. You don’t have to reserve a spot.

      • Yowza, 6 dislikes? That’s a record of some sort. I know. I actually LOL’d at your comment. I think it helps me to remember what videos to come back to and I don’t do it very often. I’m just a little behind on movies right now.

        • I’ve never heard of Agatha Christie before. I hadn’t seen any of the other version of the movies. It was pretty good. The acting was great. The visuals were kind of cool. It’s definitely a thinking movie. However, right before the big twist and everything after to the end I didn’t like. (SPOILERS) I was only thinking it was two people. My brain didn’t think anything besides either one murderer or two murderers. The fact that he let the murders go bothers me a little bit. I saw it with my mom and she thought it was boring.

  2. Vincent the Pug Master

    So this would be a good movie for my old grandma who hates almost every new movie that comes out

  3. Tamara you’re diagnosed with OCD? Me too!

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