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This week: A nicotine fit to end all nicotine fits (and your plane ride), turning computer money into computer cats for computer suckers, and when Weird Al said “stick your head in the microwave and give yourself a tan,” he was *kidding* …

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  1. That sounds like every stereotype people who aren’t from the Southern US have about…the Southern US. Is that why a former reality TV star is leading your country right now?

  2. Since “Real money” also is no longer fully covered by a gold reserve it no longer has a direct representation of a fixed value, its value is determined by what the trade between the currency declares. So it is the same as with Shares or bitcoin.
    And since most money is transferred digitally the physical representation (e.g. dollar bill) is loosing importants. Money on a bank account is nothing but a digital record of a value, similar to bitcoins.

    Also the value of “one coin” is misleading since it can be broken down in very small parts.
    Its like people having a problem with Yen, because the numbers seem very large, but Yen doesn’t have cents. (Its basically like writing 6,00 dollars as 600 cents)

    • “You put it on YOur USB Stick”: Only your AccesKey can be on the Stick, bitcoins are storing a history of who owns a part of which coin in a distributed system.
      Each point offering a “Wallet” basically has a complete record of every coins history, and they are all checking transactions made in the system (simplified speaking). So there is no “One Server” that can go down. (You could loose your Key, or it might be stolen …)

      PS: USB Sticks are not damaged by magnets.

    • From a philosophical standpoint, money is just a pice of paper people ascribed a value to.
      (Ther was a point in time we used Big stone wheels, to big to move, so everyone just remembered who owned it.)

      So if you get people to value pictures of your cats it could work.
      If you don’t believe it take a look at modern art …

  3. Oxygen is not commutable, but it accelerates them.
    (Some substances need higher amounts to burn.)

    PS: Combustion, Explosion, Detonation usually refer to different speeds of the same reactions. (Thats why in german sometimes Explosives are called “Brandbeschleuniger” -> “Combustion-Accelerators”.)

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