My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #27-28 – AT4W

Friendship is all about waging war with construction companies!

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  1. Haha, I get it. He’s a deer and those are also called a hart…

  2. INB4 butthurt from people that don’t like the show.

  3. I still find it weird that we go from a review on the Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover to one on a My Little Pony comic.

    As many of you can already tell from my comments over the years, I am a person with male genitalia, and while I grew up with stuff like Transformers, Hot Wheels, etc., it was my SISTER who collected My Little Pony’s when we were growing up, and I would some times see her watch the My Little Pony movie from the 80s while I would be more interested in watching the Transformers movie from the same decade. And yes, this makes me NOT a “Bronny.” Also, ROM SPACKKNIGHT TEAMED UP WITH MY LITTLE PONY ONE TIME. HOLY SHIT!

    5:49- Oh my god, it’s My Little Pony vs. Troll 3!
    6:44- With a special guest appearance by the wolves from Lady in the Water.

    I knew you were gonna use that clip from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, even though you haven’t used it in years.

    17:35- Make Equestria great again.

    22:18- Now this is The Asylum levels of ripping off something famous.

    Well, this wasn’t what I expected in a My Little Pony comic. Hopefull the Yu-Gi-Oh comic would be a little better.

    • Kid, don’t pretend that you grow in 80’ties because most people grow up from forced segregation of stuff on manly nad famine. I just point out that original series was made by Marvel and similar to many such series like Sailor Moon and Jam was fan favorite guilty pleasures of many boys who are far from being gay as mostly have own kids nowadays. Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time or Steven Universe are simply good shows. That is all here.

      • Actually, the syndicated My Little Pony ‘N’ Friends series was a co-production between Marvel and Sunbow Productions, and it’s Jem, not “Jam” (although that could’ve just been a typo). However, there were more boys growing up in the 1980s who watched MLP than who would openly admit it, and liking a show of that nature doesn’t make one gay in the slightest.

        People like whatever they like. You don’t have to be an 80s kid (that’s how I personally spell it; spelling the term “80’ties” looks like it would be pronounced “ADTs”) to be a pony fan and for the record, I’m not a “brony” (one ‘n’, not 2. Two ‘n’s would make the term be pronounced “bronnie”) either I don’t love the show, but it has some amusing moments and a few elements of the series I do like. However, I personally find both Adventure Time and Steven Universe to be highly overrated, but that’s just me.

        • It is not clear but Marvel work on G1 from the beginning, just as the producers and that include also prequel movies what never were part of n’Friends line.

          I’m glad that I don’t need explain obvious typos (I have tendency to those due fast writing and you don’t know how commonly people don’t get that).

    • > I am a person with male genitalia
      -If this is really the first thing you use to define yourself, you already lost any argument you could make. -_-

  4. “”You’re going to love me!”” – Fluttershy

  5. YES! Someone whom I follow on this website finally reviews something My Little Pony related! I am a huge fan of both MLP and Sonic comics. Why am I always a member of the sucky fandoms? Well, the ones that you have to review. Oh, and I love Homestuck too.

    I’m probably the biggest conformist I know. I eventually remembered this comic. I’ve read all the ones I could find. I keep hearing about new ones, though. I love this if only because it’s an MLP review. I know the Nostalgia Critic won’t review anything MLP related.

    • I used to be a huge fan of the Sonic comics until Sega and Archie killed them. I haven’t even bothered reading any since the reboot but from what I’ve seen by snooping on the wiki, the series I loved is dead and is never coming back. This new series isn’t the comics I was fond of.

      I actually became a Brony two years after Sega and Archie committed that atrocity. In a sense it has become a replacement special interest for me. Sonic is dead to me now. Long live ponies. I’ll have to disagree about the Brony fandom though. I hated being a part of the Sonic fandom but Bronies have been great to me.

      As for this comic, Linkara, I have to agree that it is flawed but not horrible. I mean, it could be better and there are certainly worse examples of stories with environmental messages. Ok, I think your roommate is right that it’s actually even less bad by comparison to some of the stuff that came out in the 80s and 90s. You didn’t do too bad though for someone who isn’t super familiar with FiM. I guess there isn’t that much in this arc that requires familiarity with the series. I think this arc is ok, but it certainly isn’t good enough to redeem volume 7 of the GNs, mostly thanks to it following a much worse arc.

      • Or rather Ken Penders killed the series, the people currently working at Archie had very little say in the matter.

        • Yes, I suppose you’re right that Archie themselves probably had little to do with it, if anything. However, while Ken Penders did the wrong thing, I believe he said that it was ok if Archie used “his” characters. That can only mean that it was Sega who forced the reboot. They’re the ones who removed not just Penders characters but pretty much all Archie exclusive characters. Also, it wasn’t Penders who decided that we couldn’t even have SonSal post-reboot.

          No, Sega are the ones I’m disappointed in. I’ve tried to do my part by boycotting Sega IPs, but I know that doesn’t really make a difference so I really only do it out of principle. However, it kind of sucks that they own Atlus. I kind of have to support them now, though it’ll only be through Atlus henceforth. I’ll continue to do my best to forget that infernal comic I spent so many years supporting.

    • >Why am I always a member of the sucky fandoms?
      -I think you have personal issues there that you transpose to other groups, or something.

  6. I actually once met Viga at a local MLP meetup group.
    I doubt she would remember me tho.

  7. Repeatedly pointing out that trees and vines will no longer grow in the area where the construction is taking place.

    Repeatedly questioning why trees and vines are proving so effective everywhere else but aren’t being in the area where the construction is taking place.

  8. fair review, and i somehow want a magic flavored slushi now

  9. Muffin with pony flesh… one might wonder if he has watched the HD series?

  10. “Celestia and Luna are going to get help…”

    BS. We all know they’re just lazing around the castle with Luna playing video games and Celestia obsessing about the size of her posterior while they make poor, trusting, hard working Twilight do all the hard work. Like usual.

    • they have been putting more effort into showing Celestia and Luna doing stuff in the show lately.

    • To be honest Celestia is more mastermind type of character.. she only pretend to be lazy when she plan everything in the background.

      To be honest they should make one episode what would show her in the work.. it is classic family show cliche after all.

      Also I would forget.. Celestia and Luna are from Everfree Forest and quite bad ass.. why they need help of anyone? Outside of the army they command of course..

    • The main reason why Queen Celestia (I don’t care what the show says. I’m going to call her a queen because that’s what she is! If Celestia is the absolute ruler and her parents aren’t around, then she’s a *queen*, not a princess!) and Princess Luna are usually sidelined is because they’re so uber powerful that if either of them just showed up and fixed everything, then the other ponies would never need to solve their own problems and the stories would only be about 2 minutes long.

      • To be honest in original design material Celestia was the Queen of Equestria and I’m also sure that Luna also is one as ruler of the Moon what is a independent state there (she most likely co-rule Equestria as part of alliance). Both Celesta and Luna have most likely tons of work (I hope they show that one day) and that is why they need institution to support them. Twilight is princess of friendship so basically her role is solving all this crap.

      • She is Princess Celestia though the word has a different meaning in Equestria. She was actually designed as Queen Celestia but when Hasbro demanded she’d be called Princess (because that word sells more toys) Lauren Faust simply changed the meaning of the word princess so it no longer means “daughter of royals” but is actually a title that can be earned. Like Twilight did.

  11. “I’m the government, I’m the reason nothing works!” is one of my favourite recent reoccurring gags of yours, and I found it especially hilarious the way you used it in the context of Celestia considering how, in fanon, she is portrayed as a tyrant.

  12. Writers of MLP really like puns and that includes Timber Wolves being wolves made of wood and ruling deer in this one being called Hart of the Forest.

  13. except for Rarity whining about helping Zecora, a lot of the stupid things you pointed out the ponies doing or saying, I can sadly see them doing, especially Twilight’s suggestion to organize their questions to the hert of the forest.

  14. I was expecting a spoony cameo every time linkara said blackthorn

  15. Will there be card games on motorcycles?

  16. So he’s replacing a wild monster filled forest with an amusement park… surrounded by the remains of said monster filled forest. How are people/ponies going to get to it in one piece? Are they building road, as we all know what happens on roads in the middle of monster forests in comics, I don’t think that’ll help.
    Also that “the land is dead” plot point I actually find really annoying. Do they even know how prevalent plants are? There are kinds that grow just in air and will sprout on anything. In a decade entire towns can be reclaimed. Animals carrying seeds, fungus and plant spores and mold, weeds all sprout up so fast we have an entire industry dedicated to stopping it. And that’s without the ability to sprout up 500 year old trees in the blink of an eye. Land is dead my rectum, even the Bikini Atoll, which was NUKED has abundant coral life now. Xernas just didn’t want to lift a fing-…hoof. Lift a hoof. Perfect match for Celestia’s uselessness.

  17. Twilight should have gone full bureaucrat on him, which would have been totally in character.

    “You DID get a building permit from the Equestria Planning Office in Canterlot and had it sealed by a princess, right? No? Then sorry, I’m shutting this operation down.”

  18. XD I enjoyed this episode. I had more laughs to ignore Princess Twilight Sparkle the whole time and plus hearing it sucks made my day.

  19. So… My Little Pony meets Ferngully?

  20. Holly crap! This is so bad comic! It show clear lack of understanding of the source and is full of pretentious crap when show is known from avoiding those.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Well, the show is where BAD comics burn, after all.

      FTR, I think MLP: FiM is just…OK. I don’t consider it to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, nor do I feel that the show should one day replace oxygen as the thing we need to breathe in order to stay alive, but it’s entertaining enough. It’s falls somewhere between “meh” and “sometimes pretty good” for me.

      “The show is known for avoiding pretentiousness”? Yeah, I wouldn’t go that far. The show can be good, but it has fallen on cliches and can be kind of full of itself at times.

      Also, for an official comics book series, the artwork looks really crude and unpolished in parts.

  21. Attention Linkara!
    Since you say this show isn’t for you, I am going to assume that you have not seen episode 1 & 2 from season 2, in which a certain villain i introduced (and is later made a show regular).

    Check it out. It might not make you an MLP fan but I promise you, as a Star Trek fan, you will enjoy this villain.

  22. So basically deer are druids? That is kinda cool. It certainly adds a new layer to the lore.

    Also, Fluttershy’s rage-face was the best thing and it reminded me of why I love her as a character.

  23. AHAHAHAHA! I was wondering how long it would be until Linkara actually got a letter like that from a landlord. Nice. XD

    Also, lol Linkara made the “Cupcake” fic reference! XD

  24. Starlight Glimmer? She is worst pony. She is a low rent version of Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer is love. Sunset Shimmer is life.

  25. A comic about a children’s card game? UNO: THE ACTION COMIC!

  26. Seems to me that they explain one of your complaints in the comic itself. “Nothing can grow there.” So the plants can’t attack the construction site.

    Only the discovery of the green slushy lets them grow stuff there. In fact, I was expecting this entire time that it would turn out in a peaceful solution with him deciding to sell the stuff.

    And, no, I’m not a Brony. Linkara knows more about the show than I do.

    • But they also show the plants invade a castle thats atop a freaking rocky mountain, with no plant life in sight.
      It might have been impossble for them to grow on the construction site but they could’ve just easily made it grow just outside of it and THEN attack it, which is actually what happen in ponyville: The plants came from the forest and invaded the town, it didn’t grow ON the town.
      Not that I’m really bothered by that explanation, at least they tried to give one. The deers’ actions are much more stupid. And then there’s the previous arc…

  27. As someone who’s never seen the show, the Deer king seems like a pretty cool character. He’s kind-of a complete idiot, but I could see him actually kind-of being badass in a more serious narrative.

  28. I think he made a reference to Cupcakes without realizing it.

  29. sorry for the double post, but I seem to remember the second issue ending with a short segment where the Hydra has Indigestion and Well-to-do is trying to sell the Hydra’s body as real-estate to another creature that it has eaten.

  30. Does setting the video on YouTube as unlisted do anything, or help?

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