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Whether you want it or not, My Little Pony returns for another four episode megareview.

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  1. “If only one of them had wings”? OMG What kind of monster are you!?
    I know she doesn’t show it a lot but some scenes (and one full episode) throughout the series have made it pretty clear that Scootaloo’s disability causes her a lot of emotional pain!

    You are evil.


    • In the first season though, that wasn’t ever mentioned or a plot point. Heck, it wasn’t made official till what, season 4?If we assume Chuck has only seen the episodes he’s reviewed, then he has no way of knowing that.

      • Before someone say something weird.. In season 4 finale it was established that pegazi fly using levitation spell and use wings for flight control. Because there is a clear connection between her cutie mark immaturity and ability to use magic it is a reason why she doesn’t fly well, yet. I point out that because some fans have tendency to jump in conclusion.

        Also quoting Rainbow Dash “Flying is in 90% based on confidence”.

        • +Rezro
          Please, if you would be so kind as to not spread gross misinformation and lies about the series ? That would be… ”lovely”. -_-

          (also : Pegasi)

          • Cloudwalking and flight have been shown to be linked to their innate magic, though, as shown in stuff like the episode where they go up to Cloudsdale and in the Tirek episode where they can’t fly after being drained of their magic.

            (And even a bit in Testing 123 where Twilight, still new to flying, has trouble sitting on a cloud.)

          • Essentially everything in Equestria is **infused** with magic (Earth ponies/pegasi/unicorns/rocks!… even the Everfree, in some ways).
            Being infused is NOT equal to casting/being under a ”spell”.

            Also, just because ”magic spells that make you fly/give temporary wings” exist does NOT, again, mean that being a pegasus is being under a ”spell”. Similar results aren’t identical results.
            This is were misinformation starts.

  2. I have to say, Equestria handled a shapeshifter invasion better than the Federation did.

  3. Personally I’m glad whenever I see you usher out another row of pony reviews. I appreciate Cyborcat’s recaps but it’s nice to get multiple opinions and I like how you tie multiple episodes together with review theming.

  4. It’s really cool that you handle this series as you would any other. I really appreciate it.

  5. ManWithGoodTaste

    Half your footage is missing half the frames. What gives?

    Also, kudos for sneaking in both “god emperor” and “trump” in there. Very tricky, veeeery sneaky!

  6. I don’t get this guy’s (strangely extreme) opposition to the characters singing ?
    Not all of them are 5stars, but a LOT are of a very decent- of not great- quality.

    He almost sounds like he’s being held at gun point making this ”review”…

    • FeraligatrReturns

      Double post, please ignore.

    • FeraligatrReturns

      Psst. It’s a joke. Exaggeration for comedic effect. This is nowhere near Chuck’s “being held at gunpoint” level. See his Kanazuki No Miko reviews or reviews of some of the shittier Star Trek episodes if you want to see him in “I am so done with this bullshit” mode.

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