My Neighbor Totoro – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews My Neighbor Totoro.

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  1. With this new theatrical release, I’m curious to know if they left the family bath scene in. This seems to freak Americans out even though it’s perfectly normal in Japan.

    • Yep, they did. Miyazaki has a strict no-cuts policy.

      They’re doing one film a month. Totoro was the first one. The remainder are
      Kiki’s Delivery Service
      Castle in the Sky
      Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
      Sprited Away
      Howl’s Moving Castle

      • I love all of those, but Nausicaa and Howl’s are my favorites.

        Nausicaa especially, because it captures this sense of fantasy that’s so elusive now. The way the characters speak, react to, and approach things in this strange world is so organic and believable.

      • Also I note Princess Mononoke isn’t on the list. It’s not a bad film by any stretch, but in comparison to all the rest, it’s not one of the strongest. I think people are realizing that now.

  2. I haven’t seen this movie. Actually, I’ve only seen about half of the Studio Ghibli films. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Studio Ghibli movie in 3D. That sounds fantastic and amazing to me. Haha.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    My personal favorite Ghibli film is Castle in the Sky, but Totoro is adorable too <3. Man, I need to rewatch this movie.

  4. AmbrosiusAurelianus

    Thanks for pointing out the Ghibli Fest! I didn’t realize it, but my local theater is participating. Hopefully I can get a group of friends together to catch some of them.

  5. Cool, can’t wait for Kiki’s Delivery Service, that’s my favourite Ghibli film.

  6. I will not hide that my favorite movies of this studio are: Spirited Away and Kaze Tachinu/The Wind Rises.

  7. Ok, I’ve always wondered about this:
    Isn’t there an “h” after the “g” in the romanized version of studio Ghibli, specifically to indicate that the “g” is NOT pronounced soft? At least in Italian and I believe in other Romance languages as well, an “h” signifies that (comp. “spaghetti” and “gelato”), in English this rule would apply too, since a “g” before a consonant is pronounced hard. Otherwise I don’t see why there would be a random “h” in the title.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Even though the word is spelled that way, it’s still pronounced “Jibbly,” as in the word Strong Bad repeats when that demonic painting talks to him.

      The word’s spelling is Italian, but the Japanese pronunciation is “jibbly.” As for why, you’d probably have to ask Miyazaki.

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