Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (AKA Bad Neighbours 2) – Projector

Film Brain checks out the party that’s going on next door to Seth Rogen’s house, in this follow-up that’s more of the same – but with girls this time!

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  1. You know, it would have been funny if they had gone the opposite route from the first Bad Neighbors: have the COUPLE be the “loud”, annoying neighbors to a home for the elderly. That could provide a different spin on the generational gap of the first film, and still have decent comedic and narrative potential.

  2. A lot of movies don’t seem to grasp that it’s actually funnier to see adults AVOIDING swearing around kids, like the scene in “High Anxiety” where Mel Brooks is trying VERY hard to discuss sexually-based psychiatry entirely in kid-friendly terms.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Oh man i really wanted to see this one since the trailers were so dam funny but now definitely since half of the funniest jokes from the trailers aren’t iin the dam thing. Oh well here’s hoping you like the angry birds movie since on rotten tomatoes it’s getting mixed reviews!!!

  4. The hairbrush? Oh well; new episode!! Yaay!!

    Siiiiiiigh; I knew this would stink. I really hope Seth Rogan’s other films aren’t this weak and gross; he was so funny is Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared 🙁

    By the by, did you ever watch the Interview?

    Also I really don’t like comedies where the main joke is ‘women can be gross slobs like guys; LOL!!’. Especially since that and the ‘women stuff is icky’ joke are the most over used jokes for comedies with women. I’m sure they can be done well, but not with thousands upon thousands of comedies doing them in the most repugnant way possible. Ugh!!

    3:56 clap clap! My thoughts exactly! 🙂
    Great review: just have a couple questions in relation to some of your older videos I’ve been rewatching.
    First; in the earliest episodes of Projector, you’d do them with someone else: why did you stop?
    Second: you changed sets three times throughout the course of Projector; how come? (I like the one in Footloose and Johnny English Reborn, by the by)
    And finally: have there been any films you reviewed but would want to do another video, like when you decided ‘Prometheous’ and ‘this Means War’ were bad enough for BMB. Especially, are there any films you reviewed on BMB that you later decided there was something you missed or weren’t to bad…say, I dunno, X-Men Origions? PRobably not likely, but it’s worth a shot: I WILL FOREVER TRY TO RESTORE THAT MOVIE’S HONOUR!!!
    If any of these questions are to nosy, I apologise; just wondering

    Take care 🙂

  5. I think I’ll wait and see some more reviews before I make a decision on this one.

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