NES Open Tournament Golf – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through NES Open Tournament Golf for the NES. Will they be able to help Mario and Luigi play through the courses or will they sink the ball in the lake?

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  1. Well, shit. I would have never guessed this game.

    More detailed comment coming after lunch break!

    • The only golf games I’ve ever played were Wii sports golf and maybe one of the Wii Tiger Woods games, but other than that, I have no interest in the sport or it’s games at all.

      Funniest part of the video is how bored Josh and Heather are and how so intense Ryan and Frank are enjoying the game. I love how near the end when Josh TRIES to lose, he just can’t. Haha. XD

      Good job making something I would normally find boring actually entertaining in a Happy Gilmore type of way.

      I’m still calling next week’s game to be Pokemon Stadium or Smash Bros. There’s NO way you guys won’t cover those 2 for Iwata Month!

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