Neva Left – Goin’ Off #112

This week, we talk to Nora Reed, talk about Laci Reed trying to reach across the aisle of social justice issues, and review Snoop Dogg’s latest offering.

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  1. I had no idea that Snoop Dogg had a new album. I tried to watch the Mount Cushmore music video but I couldn’t finish it and the song isn’t my thing either. Also, I’ve never heard of any of the people that you guys weren’t talking about. In fact, your podcast is probably the most political stuff I hear on a weekly basis. Otherwise, I just stick to 100% fun stuff.

  2. Laci Green “reaching across the aisle” = becoming a full blown transphobe.

    • Sadly, there has historically been an overlap between a certain type of feminism and transphobia, there’s even a cute name for it, TERF. Some people just don’t see the value of banding together and would instead bicker, allowing the far-right wankers of the world to continue setting the terms.

    • So someone tries reach out to the other side to talk and everyone of you social justice types stab her in the back at the drop of a hat? Ha. And you call yourselves progressives. But please, tell me where and how her reaching out to speak with people who don’t agree with her makes her a transphobe?

      • You’re an idiot, not the least of which is for thinking that a person’s very identity is something you can “agree” with. Transgender people are people. For “disagreeing” with that, you can kiss my ass.

        • What the hell are you babbling about? I asked for a reference and you reply with an insult? Making claims and not backing them up? Really? I never made any such claim as you’re proposing. Perhaps you’d like to elaborate so I can understand what you’re trying to convey because you’re not making any sense.

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