New Animerica Review Trailer!

All thanks to Patreon, it’s time for a new Animerica anime review… just not in canon with the rest of it. It’s easier if you think of it that way.

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Animerica is the biggest, baddest, best Anime review show on the internets. After the unexplainable disappearance of Foxcatcher, Phoenix starts to unravel, finally coming to rest in a new home, where a sinister force beckons him to continue the review show. But as he embarks on this quest alone, he only sinks further and further into his own private madness...

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I’m a little more than out of the loop here. What happened with Patreon? Also, I want to apologize for comment-bombing (is that a term?) on most of your videos. I do look forward to your future reviews, with the nagging question of what is the official way to contact you for any crossover way in the future, like when you guys are free next year or after that…. I somehow get you’re too busy but all stuck in development at the same time. Also, update on my own channel. KEYpril still hasn’t worked out. Like, I was going to… Read more »