NF: Let You Down – Rap Critic

Rap Critic once again tackles another NF song, but has his opinion changed? (…probably not, but eh, watch it anyways…)

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  1. Maybe it is the parent’s voice in his head?
    I know every hypothetical conversation I have with my Mom ends in an argument.

    The idea that the voices in your head can express the condescension of a parent, your own angry hindsight, your perfectionism keeping you from getting things down, and many other voices that make you worry about making mistakes to the point that you end up frozen.

  2. Nice to see a rap? Hip-hop?…whatever this genre is now song that’s not about screwing other dude’s girlfriends and how much better they are than others because of material wealth and fame.

    Not because I’m some prude who can’t take lyrics about that, but because it’s a nice change to hear something different with some depth to it.

    I hear critics talking about pop music (not just rap) in general now like the somber tones and low key production of the music means it’s more “serious”, but really it’s just the same shallow sentiments with the pretense of being deep because all the energy is sucked out of it.

    This song seems like a step in the right direction to actually having some of that depth.

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