Night of the Living Juggalo – WTFIWWY Live

This week: A haunted house full of the holy ghost (and other things), how to turn a sexy selfie into a moving violation and yet another thing that won’t impressed women: jumping into a panda enclosure …

It’s time yet again for our annual tradition: the best of the worst of “sexy” costumes!

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  1. The “Dicks Out For Harambe” thing originated from some meme where some guy was posing with a gun in retaliation for Harambe’s death.

  2. “cultural appropriation” just another thing on the long list of it’s bad when “white” people do it but totally ok for everyone else to do it

  3. I think alot of the adult costume makers have the same thought process and some adult cartoon makers have as in if they just add swearing and sexiness to it it magically becomes adult.

  4. I’ve always found that the more “bad” a word is and the more offence people take from someone saying it the longer it’s going to stay around and be used. Like when you were a child did adults telling you swear words and punishing you for using those words ever deter you from using them? no you just wanted to use them more because it was so taboo. So coming right out and condemning people for using a word that they never knew was a bad word isn’t going to make that word disappear it’s just going to make it cooler and more taboo to say

  5. Where I live, I’ve noticed lots of families and kids don’t really come ToT at our house, because they don’t know us or some shit cause we moved into the area almost 7 years ago. I guess adults don’t want their kids going up the strangers’ houses to ToT at anymore, despite having decorations and the light on.

  6. I’m disappointed that Nash didn’t add the technical difficulties he and Tara had before the show. It was amazing.

  7. Sexy pilgrim has been around for a long time. Don’t believe me? Watch Love At Stake with Dave Thomas(actor not Wendy’s founder)

    Also, the Hamilton costume is very conservative and sexy, yes. But the best part is it’s American made.

  8. Dogs have 8 boobs,not 6.Or,if you want even more precision,they have from 8 to 12.

  9. Wow,americans taking a name that is not a slur and turning it into a slur.Who wouldve thought?And the “politically correct inoffensive” word that replaces it is actually more offensive than the supposed slur.So good job Nash!And then you go on to brag how you verify your shit.

  10. If the word was used in a Disney film from the last twenty years, it’s not a slur. “Gypsy” isn’t a slur just because some people who aren’t Romani want it to be a slur. It *can* be used as one, depending on context, yes, but that’s an important distinction.

    I love you, Nash, you bring me much joy. But we don’t need another white cis het man telling us what is and isn’t OK to say.

  11. Haven’t had trick-or-treaters ever since I was too old to go trick-or-treating myself. When we lived in bumfuck nowhere, it made sense; now, living in the suburbs with a bunch of houses and families, etc, it makes less sense unless I have to assume that no one trick-or-treats door-to-door anymore.

  12. We had a Halloween dress-up thing going on at work. I thought my costume sucked but at least it wasn’t “sexy” whatever. If you want to know what I dressed up as, I was a background extra in Batman Beyond. My visor, black lipstick and neon yellow getup really made people turn heads, so I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought?

  13. Scientology actually does have a haunted house. In Los Angeles, there’s a museum called “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” that apparently has graphic depictions of electroshock therapy, lobotomies, ice baths, etc.

    • Someone needs to open up a “Hospitals; An Organization of Misery” next door that has similar depictions of bloodletting, amputations and doctors moving from surgery to surgery without washing their hands or instruments.

  14. Sexy Ben Franklin. Get on it Internet. Make sure its nice and skanky. In men’s sizes only.

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