Rantasmo: Night Vale Needs More Gay

Rantasmo visits the pleasantly maddening town of Night Vale, where shadowy horrors and eccentric gay couples can be simultaneously boring and not boring. Schroumldinger’s boring cat, if you will. But you wont. Of course you wont. You never do. What were we talking about?

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Needs More Gay dissects the highs and lows of gay pop culture with the precision of a dull machete.

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  1. I’ve been trying to listen to Night Vale but I’ve always been a little bothered by Cecil’s voice. I think it would’ve been better if his character was “played straight” (pun not intended). I think the dark humour would come across better if he actually sounded like a radio show host, rather than the guy telling scary stories around the campfire.
    I wouldn’t call it grating, but when I hear it I always think about how much I’d like it better if Cecil appeared to have any expression besides “calmly trying to freak you out”.

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