Nightmare on Elm Street (NES) – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays the infamous 4 player video game adaptation of Nightmare on Elm Street on the NES! Will they be able to defeat Freddy Krueger or get killed in their nightmares?

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  1. lol, poor Frank. He was Freddy’s first victim!

    I knew this game existed because of the magazines and stuff, but I never knew anyone who owned or played it, let alone have an NES four score to have 4 friends suffer with them. I didn’t really know anything about the game until AVGN did his review on it years ago.

    RIP Wes Craven. At least he didn’t have anything to do with this shitty game.

    If you guys are gonna do more 4 player games, I would suggest Bomberman since that would be a better multiplayer game to go nuts over. 😛

  2. WAY too loud music whilest people are talking. Your device for capturing audio is kinda poor, and the loud sharp bit-music made it very hard to sit thru. I am using head phones though so it might just be me.

  3. This isn’t actually the only one NOES game. There is another, different game for MS-DOS PC. DOS game is a little creepier.

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