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The man of your dreams is back… and we wish he had stayed away. AT4W takes a look at Nightmares on Elm Street #3-4.

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  1. Have you done any of the friday the 13th comics?

  2. Oh, you just had to make that blip reference, didn’t you? XD

  3. That titlecard is amazing.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Can’t believe you made a reference to blip weird but good one. Good review too I can’t wait for the final part. That black woman who got a new design looks more like a blacker version of tan mom(if anyone knows who that is comment below). Also Jacobs dad in that dream looked more like the villian from mad max fury road(but that’s just me!!!)

  5. 3:27- This reminds me of the change of artists and/or colorist from Silent Hill: Dying Inside. I just hope this comic doesn’t go down that road to stupid.

    4:16- Connor. Not Connors.

    Alice is my second favorite Nightmare survivor; the first obviously being Nancy.

    6:13- Yeah, I also found Springwood drastically changing between movies really weird, but who am I to question a famous horror franchise where the 7th movie, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, takes place in real life.

    8:12- I’m actually interested in a Freddy vs. The Shining movie, just so we can have a scene where Freddy kills the guy in the teddy bear costume who was giving that one guy a blow job.

    10:09- I never thought that someone would product place a Pepsi can in a comic, but here ya go.

    12:28- And you thought The New 52 was bad when it rebooted the DC Universe.

    14:36- In speaking of Nightmare 2, I’m just happy that so far, this comic hasn’t given any gay overtones.

    I love the joke about Devonne’s fake accent.

    21:33- God, this artwork is like the Nicki Minaj of women in comics.

    I think I know why Freddy’s jokes aren’t that good in this comic: Freddy’s not played by Robert Englund.

    I’m also having a hard time thinking this comic is bad or not.

    The final shot with Linkara acting crazy reminds me of that bit in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake where Nancy dreams of Freddy when she’s awake after not sleeping in a few days.

  6. OK, storyline it is, then. Cool, it’s been a while 🙂

  7. Does Freddy’s face on #3 look like bacon to anyone else?

  8. So, Linkara, am I right in saying the best way to do a Robert Englund Freddy voice is to sound like you’re literally punch-drunk intoxicated by the sound of your own voice and ego? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. About that “Jack the ripper appearing at the end and never explained” thing… I was under the impression that wasn’t just a book-ending but part of the metaphysics of the comic: Freddy was a “representative” of nightmares, and now that he was taken out, he got replaced by another “representative.” In fact, this kind of twist would have been ingenious if it was expanded upon; like there being an entire pecking-order of monsters and serial-killers that show up as these nightmare-representatives, and which one you get depends on where you are (the local monster is always scarier than a generic one), and once one is taken down, the next one takes its place while the original recuperates.

  10. Okay who’s the creepier kid, Jacob or Pride?
    22:38: At least he calls it Wonderland instead of Underland, when I heard that I was almost expecting Alice to be greeted by either Baron Underbite or Girl Hitler.

  11. I’m glad the story line is back. There’s just one thing I don’t understand. This seems to be the gunslinger story again with a woman. Where as the gunslinger was after the magic gun which was created by a cult worshiping the entity in multiple universes. The coin was created by Linkara using a spell he found in a book, in this universe. So how does she even know about it?

  12. Ew, that panel of Freddie and that woman kissing was ew. Also, leave Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland alone! LOL. Oh, and I’m interested to see where this storyline goes.

  13. Just as an aside: A local cinema will be playing the original A Nightmare On Elm Street on Hallowe’en! Yay! I’ve never seen it on big screen before!

    Yes, this was originally solicited as an ongoing. There was never any sign (at the time) that it would be anything else – then Innovation went under two issues into ‘The Beginning’, and this fell by the wayside, too.

    Gborr: “About that “Jack the ripper appearing at the end and never explained” thing… I was under the impression that wasn’t just a book-ending but part of the metaphysics of the comic:”
    Yes, but my interpretation is slightly different. I think the idea is that Freddy isn’t the only dream killer in his world; other evil serial killers are there, too. Including Jack. (BTW, that issue title was a reference: “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper” was on one of the Ripper letters.)

    “Welcome to MY nightmares!” – y’know, I don’t think I was into Alice Cooper when I bought this comic, so this may be the first time I ever got that reference!

    One thing you taught me last week: I don’t think I watch the Nightmares for the horror. I think I watch them for the fantasy. I decided that because I didn’t mind that the horror didn’t work in last week’s comics the way you did – and realised I was getting something else out of them.

    BTW, the videos are getting harder and harder to watch. I’m talking about technical glitches here. Today, the audiovisual sync was about a second out. That’s horrible on screen. I couldn’t even watch your team-up with Diamanda. Wanted to, but couldn’t. Sooo many problems.

  14. I have to admit that my pronunciation radar went on the blink during this episode with Yvonne (which should be pronounced ee von) getting pronounced ye von. Is this not a common name in the USA? Though, with you being a Red Dwarf fan and all, Yvonne McGruder is mentioned more than once as Rimmer’s first so you should probably have figured it out from that. Still, no harm. Another great video despite my pedantry.

  15. The skinless thing got tired after awhile. I wasn’t expecting that thing at the very end. I love this twist, though. I don’t think there’s a trope for it. You should go to YKTTW! That’s You Know That Thing Where, by the way.

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