Nightwish: Imaginaerum – Rocked Album Review

A look back at Nightwish’s 2011 album Imaginaerum.

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  1. As old Nightwish fan who has listened them since Oceanborn back in 1998 personally I never liked Anette Olzon as singer of band based on style change that she brought with her singing style so it made easy for me to welcome Floor Jansen as they new singer.

    Olzon’s singing style never had impact to me that Tarja Turunen’s singing style had. But I must admit that Olzon sounded better on Imaginaerium than just sounded on Dark Passion Play which is testament how great composer Tuomas Holopainen is when he was able to find what worked with Olzon when he worked around Imaginaerium,

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful does still have some of that style as it was clearly composed Olzon at mind but Jansen made it work as he has so impressive range. I am hyped about Nightwish’s next album with her.

    • Dark Passion Play was miles better than the phoned in Imaginaerum yet still not a patch on anything they did with Tarja! In fact I’d go so far as to say that for someone who’s not heard Nightwish before Imaginaerum would be the absolute worst album to start with, the best is their first…Angels Fall First! With phenomenal songs like Elvenpath, Beauty and the Beast & The Carpenter. The rest of the album ain’t too shabby either.

  2. Never been a Nightwish fan myself, but from the songs I have heard (being a finnish person thats a lot because Nightwish is pretty much a household band here) I have to agree Olzon is the best singer their ever had. Floor Jensen is good too but i really dont care for the new album. Tarja Turunen is no doubt the most powerfull singer of the three but never liked her sound.

    What i hate is people often forgetting to mention Marco Hietala, who is no doubt the best singer of them all. For those who dont know you better check his other band Tarot which has actually been around since 1980s

  3. The film Imaginaerum (by Nightwish) is one of my personal favourites. Having a musical artist do ‘their film’ is always dangerous territory since it risks becoming some sort of ego project, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I saw it.

    What works for this film is that it wasn’t anyone in the band who came up with a movie, or even the idea of making a movie. It was the director who did the music video for The Islander. He came up with the idea of making a movie, after noticing the theme running through the Imaginaerum album. So he became the key project leader and someone else was brought in to do the script. Nightwish’s role in the movie is kind of like if the soundtrack composer had some story-driven cameos.

    I will say this though. Despite his lack of involvement in the film itself, it does offer some sort of autobiographical insight into Tuomas Holopainen as a person, at least in my view.

  4. Wouldn’t it be kickass if Nostalgia Critic and Rocked did a crossover review of the Imaginaerum movie? \m/

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