Ninja Gaiden Black and Sigma Plus (Xbox, PS3, Vita) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox, Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for the PS Vita. How does the reboot of Ninja Gaiden fare after over a decade?

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  1. Ryu should really learn the secret of the Thu’um. That way, when he faces off with those burninators, he can FUS RO DAH! those bastards!

  2. Few games have kicked my ass more than NG Black. But it’s just so damn badass it keeps you coming back. The Flying Swallow technique is probably one of the coolest moves in games. I think I prefer NG2 overall, because I suck, and it’s a little more forgiving than Black.

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