Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Review (SNES) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews and gives his retrospective on Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on the SNES. Was it worth it to have the original 3 games on one convenient SNES cartridge or was it a waste of time and Tecmo should have focused on Ninja Gaiden 4 or Super Ninja Gaiden instead?

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  1. Does seem like a missed opportunity that Ninja Gaiden never got a true 16 bit upgrade like Contra or Castlevania. I dig the new style NG games, but a modern 2D NG could be quite cool. I doubt Tecmo would actually do that, but who knows.

    • I’d love a demake of the current Ninja Gaiden games to be 2d sidescrollers and the oldschool NG games to be upgraded with the current NG gameplay.

      It would be awesome fighting Jaquio in full 3d.

      – Ryan

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